Monday, February 17, 2014

 What shoes look like after 20 months of wearing

 Się ma Rodzino!
So to start off on sunday Elder Anderson helps Sister Hutchinson the senior couple teach primary always during 2nd hour, and then as of yesterday he will teach 3rd hour and being his companion i have to be in there with him. So we go in and usually its one kid named Natan and he is quiet and really good but one of the members brought his two grandkids, and well lets just say that i may have gone a little poza BIałą Biblią. They were so loud and crazy holy cow. they kept running in and out of the room. its really just the older one he yells and likes to play swords, and the little brother is really shy and quiet and just follows him. During the lesson the little brother starts crying and i am like whats wrong dude, i want my Grandpa so i let him and just my luck shut the door on his foot...yeah doesnt like me know. then we do a coloring game...not smart and they are trying to use the whiteboard marker on the wall, the older one is. and so i am watching him and the older one is doing good. but he wants to be funny and fake writting on the wall so i get it and throw it out the window, and so he leaves and is like whatever but then i look at the little brother ( the one i shut the door on his foot.) yeah he looks at me with this really sad crying face and goes...i waited and it was going to be my turn soon... then he starts to run off and cry...yeah Elder Harris is the greatest primary teacher ever. So that was fun and exciting. So now that you all know how horrible i am i will tell you my week! Monday we had pday but also we stayed for family home evening to help translate which was fun, we talked about Prophets and famous sayings. unfourtunatly only one member showed up, but we all made it fun. Tuesday we had zone training in Kraków, it was really good, with transfers coming up it could be the last time i see Elder Raines and Żeleźniak till i get home or until Elder Żeliźniak comes to the states. they were the aps when i was a zone leader with Tingey and we hung out with them all the time. So i got a potential one last pic with them. they go home in 2 months meaning one transfer and i am next crazy. but moving on to best topics. we were able to use what we learned in Zone training  while teaching Asia and Piotrek, our family we found. we really focused on the book of mormon, and the authority. It went really good. we read 3rd nephi 11 with them because they had questions about it and taught about the Book or Mormon and they got it. They then committed to read as a family. we met with them again on friday but just asia. it was powerful. we sat down and she has her questions about what the chapter means, and we helped her understand it. we went over the 3rd lesson which is my favorite the gospel of jesus christ. and she told us that she feals better while we met and when we leave. I know she feals the spirit. I know she felt it during that lesson becuase i did. we invited her when she finds out to be baptized and she said yes. no date yet but it was a good lesson. Krzysztoff now. we had one lesson with him and it went good. he is reading so fast already through alma in 3 weeks, and stil hasnt drank. he also told us that he called up his sister who he hasnt had contact with in years and they talked and they met up this weekend. he said it went good but missed church because he lot his keys and couldnt get to his house. we talked for like 30 minutes on the phone about the book of mormon and what does it mean if its true and, it was amazing. He wants to be baptzied we just need to set up a date and he wants to finish the book of mormon first. i love being able to talk to people on the phone. And that phone call really was amazing, even through the phone you can feel the spirit working through you. we met with tomek again to help with his english and he opened up to us about the book of mormon we talked for like a half hou and he is slowly getting interested. so thats way cool. and to end the week, we had dinner with the hutchinsons because she got called as the relif society president, so she wanted to go visit Daria. so we go and wow. it was a diffrent atomsphere than last time. she was grateful we came but really just didnt want to come back. we bore testimony and left. gave her letters from Bokinsky and Vernon and she was really really excited. But it hurt seeing that cute family in those sercumstances. There house is small and really old and has wires on the walls and just not pretty. Humbling everytime i go in there and i see her kids faces. Familes really are the best, i love mine. The weather is getting really good its sunnish here in beautiful Katowice and Sosnowiec. Grateful for the sun, grateful for the lords hand in this work i see it everyday. I love you all and have a good week!
Elder Harris

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