Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shawn finally got our Christmas Package. 2 months later.

Witajcie Rodzino!
This week has been really really interesting, awesome none the less. But i ahve done lots of thinking. The beginning of the week i was really thinking about Leadership and what that means. it continued through the week and what do you know it ended with a fireside about leadership. Elder Jensen who is a senior couple in warsaw 2 and the branch president as you can tell from my last transfer letters has really turned Warsaw 2 around. they in about the last 6 months last year went from 45 in scarment meeting to about 90 something. in six months they doulbed the branch, not all are recent converts we only had about 4 or 5, but it was less active work. so he came down here to Kato to have a fireside to help the members understand what he did. it was so good. he narrowed it down to 3 points of a good leader.1 Love the people you serve. 2 be humble, not only to listen to your leader, could be a mission president, the lord or a coach, but be humble to those you lead. 3 have a vision. This week as i was thinking about leadership i was looking back on what experiences i have had prior to this day. the big one that comes to mind was my role on my rugby team. be patience i hope this makes sense to you all. Being a scrum half you have a really cool job. you are the leader of the big forewards or the 8 biggest guys on the one field. yes little me. i stand behind them on defenese and order them where to go, who to attack and if people need to be in or out of the ruck. i call the foreward plays and i communicate with the fly half to see whats going on out there with the backs. when controling the forewards, if they dont do what you say its your fault for two reasons. one they either didnt hear you or they dont trust you and being big forewards they just want to go smash someone. you need to earn their trust. as you lead in a mission or in life you need to gain their trusts, by being humble enough to really let them have a say. doesnt mean you dont make decisions but if someone on your team has an idea be humble to listen. And if they cant hear you, speak up always not just when its easy to speak up. and when you do speak up make sure its what is best, study the scriputures the play book, look at what your working with on the field, and look at the invesitiagtor as a person not a state. earn your trust by love the ones you serve. Being humble is hard, but understand that the lord gives you all you have can help with that. In Rugby as well as a missionary, my companion is the eight man. he can literrally save my life on the field. he can make it so no one touches me and when we work together we can do some damage in a good way ;) the lord gives us tools and people to help us grow, use them be humble, and then have the desire have the goal. let your team know. i hope that made sense but really its helped me this week as we prepared for a great week. monday was great. usually we stay and help with the branch family home evening, but we decieded to go trakting. we get to one of the doors and we say how we have a message about eternal families and out runs this little three year old to see who is at the door. me being me and having been raised around little kids my whole life, was like ah a little girl hi whats your name. i have a little sister your age, then turned to the mom and said i am glad you have a family, can we share this message with you? and she let us in. we talked then set up and meet again and re set up. to this point not reading and is studying with the j dubs but her husband is now interested, and they are really liking what we are teaching. boom a family. First time on my mission me and my comp are teaching a family. its been going well but need to invite the spirit more. then of course we met with Krzysztoff our little former drunk who still hasnt drank in like 3 weeks! he is still really sick and cant leave the house but is reading and finally understands what we are doing and said he would be baptized after he comes to church and reads  a little more. so really the blessings are coming. also found a guy through english who we are teaching name tomek! so we have a really good teaching pool! Things are starting to pick up. One other thing we have been able to do this week is service. we helped adrian paint his bosses office. so we were busy this week. I am loving the work, starting to see the spirit work more and more. as we teach i see how our job isnt to convince them that their faith is false or that ours is true, we cant do that, one its rude and two thats the work of the Holy Ghost. we just invite and its a privelidge to do it here in zion, here in Poland. Everyone love everyone this week! Happy Valentines day! Enjoy yourselves! Trzymajcie Się!
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