Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elder Harris and Elder Swicegood

Hey happy green day everyone!
Nothing new or exciting going on here. The weather for the most part was starting to get really nice. we were pulling out sweaters and cardagins it was nice. This week was really fun, we started off with being in a three some for like 8 hours on monday. because of exchanges and what not, but it was pday so not a big deal. we had a member want to go get this juice with us. Its like fresh stuff way healthy i guess. So we go and well it was really really good. any fruit you want! I got strawberry peach ( of course ) and orange. it was good. but what really opened my eyes is what it means to this members to take missionaries out. Her name is Kasia, the one who was way exctied when i came back and gave me hug. But she and her husband where taught by Gudnason, Tiner and my boy Weir. Their story is so cool but long. But they really dont have money. And so she took us out and paid, she wouldnt let us pay her back but what was humbling was to see how much that meant to here. She told me she had been saving money so she could take us out because she is so grateful for us. Amazing, can we say true meaning of christmas. She wanted to do something for us, i dont know maybe i am not explaining very well but it was humbling to see how much a giving a gift meant to some one. Straight up makes me think of our message of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. he did it for us because he wanted to. But yeah tuesday though had some potiental. We had the whole day set up with meetings from last weeks contacting, but everyone flaked ahhhh it was so hard. Wednesday was busy running around babysitting missionaries and what not. but really it still turned out good. Thursday we had a meeting with Franciszek one of my old investiagators from a year ago. it was such a good lesson. we taught him about the spirit, and how we can recgonize it better. he is going to continue to read but will be on vacation for a bout 2 weeks so we will see what happens. Friday was fun we did a game night, i was the jenga champion but unfortunatly only a couple members came but it was still really fun. we have a member here named Leszek Szymański and he is so funny he always is talking  about movies and i have seen some of them so he is like oh Elder Harris we are very similar and so he really likes me. He actually is the one who helped with Robert and Baptzed him. ON that note nothing from Robert cant get him to answer. keep praying but one day i will see him again. But the game night went really well. Saturday we were blessed to go to Toruń and visit the Skurzyńscy family. they are a straight up huge polish mormon family. cant really get more mormon then them its so cool. they like 8 kids and they are so much fun to hang out with. they live far away so never get attention from members or anything but have such strong testimonys. so its always good to visit them. but to finish off the week it was sunday. I love this branch. Its my favorite branch in poland. Sitting there in Sacrament meeting trying to figure out what needs to be done to build this branch. Here in Poland we are still in Baby stages of the church. like we have 40 on average in church and this is a big branch in poland. and its mostly polish of course we got the kageles but besides them its all polish its cool to see. But besides that that was my week. Love this mission love you all be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

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