Monday, March 24, 2014

Drodzy Rodzina i Przyjaciele,
Been reading the Księga Mormona (Book of Mormon) in Polish from cover to cover to try something new and tell you what its not only true in Polish it teaches me something new. For starters its written simply, just like the gospel is. Its simple. The lord knows that life is hard but he gaves us a plan that supports us, and is easy to know. But i read 2 Nefi 9:42...knock and it shall be opened up to you? yall know what i am talking about? its written many times. But every time it is written it uses the word Kołatać in Polish. which is a staropolskie słowo (old polish word) which they used when knocking on castle doors. you had to knock hard on them you know. but it means to knock hard or to bang. Brought a whole new meaning to it. when we pray we need to pray more. He hears us but do we really want it? when its cold outside and you want to get inside what do you do? Knock till you get an answer. like with Prayers you need to knock and knock until they are answered. Me and Elder Swicegood used that to work hard this week. We met with some Active members to try and get close to them. Met with My polish Grandma Anna Wilk and she is always nice but we met with you 9 year old grand son who is just like AJ cutest little guy ever. So we had fun and it was cool to teach. Also we met with Andrzej Wencel. He is a stud member. He speaks perfect english so we taught in english. it was hard not going to lie. but to be honest his testimony is so strong it was cool to see. this week also we were able to find 3 new investigators one being a way cool story. We contacted Józef on the street didnt really want to talk about Jesus and stuff but we gave him some SHORT BOLD STATEMENTS OF TRUTH and he then 1 hour later called saying he was thinking about what we said and that he wants to meet. it was cool! the work is going foreward. sorry not much time today but i love you all so much i pray for you and miss you all! i know this church is true and that faimiles are number 1
Elder Harris

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