Monday, March 10, 2014

Cześć Ludziom,
I can honestly say that Bydgoszcz is the greatest city in Poland. I love it here. yesterday at church Kasia and Sławek came to church they missed last week ( my "homecoming" ) because they had work. But Kasia comes into the chapel and yells...Mój Synuś! ( my son! ) just like Diza Dzia calls us haha but then she gave me a huge hug. Hahah yeah lets not tell anyone...haha but it was funny, Church was incredible though, its so humbling to see the Polish Members get up and give powerful talks on the atonement, on the restoration and bare a powerful testimony about this church. There is only about 1000 of them and maybe 300 active but they all love it. Its a blessing to be here. And honestly to see how awesome Bydgoszcz is ran and its all polish people besides the Kageles who are just as awesome. So cool. but i am enjoying being back here. We sat up a meeting with one of my old invesitagators named Franciszek, the old man who once had a baptismal date. yall remember him? then meeting went really really well, he understands all that we have to say even he agrees witih it, just dosent have faith in tithing. But as well all know its something that we have to try first. He even is doing a little missionary work himself. He has a college student living with him who is a devoted catholic and he is always arguing with Franciszek for meeting with us and Franciszek is this little inoccent man. So he goes here read this book and then we cant talk about religion. So he gave his book to his "roommate" cool huh? So hopefully we can get him over the tithing hump and over the swimming pool walls into the water. So saturday was interesting. We started off our morning by waking up at the normal time but we get this call at like 7 to help the american family translate for the docotor because the husband JIm had a horrible ear infetion, so we went to the ER and well i got to translate. It was fun, Of course the wife Kelley is making fun of him and taking pics but yeah it was interesting way to start the day. Also dont know if you guys know but Pigeons are everywhere here in Poland and they have a target on Elder Swicegood. that fool has been pooped on twice since being with me. Next time i see one near me i may zniszczyć it. but not even the best part of the day, we have been contacting for like 6 hours at this point ( thats what we do all the time ) and well someone stopped a young girl named Klara. She was so interested and even set up with us for tuesday so we got a new investigator. BOOM! this week has been really long with finding. Nothing to much going on here. Its slow right now but picking up. we had a really good zone confrence on tuesday but its sad that i am the oldest one in my zone. it was a huge awakening. really this mission is amamzing and dont want it to end have learned so much, and really cant imagine life with out it. My testimony of prayer has grown so much being out here. I have seen blessings and answers from my prayers thanks to you guys. Prayer works, the holy ghost is the way we feel spiritual throughts and our answers. The book of mormon is the word of God. reading is enough evidence of it. Like Elder Holland say no good man would write that book unless he be called of God. i know Joseph Smith was called by God at a young age, like it says in the scriptures come unto me like a little child. he called a young man who  was humble like a child and restorted this gospel. I love you all and miss you all. I work hard everyday because i know your all cheering for me on the sidelines. you all have been here for me and i thank you for it!

Elder Harris

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