Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Witam Was Wszystkich,

 Well hey everyone, pics are on another email. But its so amazing to be back home in Bydgoszcz, i can honestly say i would be completly fine being in Bydgoszcz the rest of my mission. Church was really cool, was able to get up and bare my testimony, usuallly before church we have time to talk with the members but we were busy in a branch council, and we ended late so no one relly noticed me until i got up. but as i was baring my testimony i see like 85 percent of the branch smile and recongize me. Renata Adams mom the 12 year old who got baptized that i taugth brought me this big old tie with flowers on it and sewed a heart on the back that says Witamy w Bydgoszczy Siostra Renata i Aduś meaninng welcome to bydgoszcz sister renata and adam. so that was cool she wanted to get me flowers but boys dont like flowers so she got me a tie, how sweet! But to this week, It was sad leaving Kato, we did dinner at Adrians house this branch president, he is a gypsy he is the one with me in the red shirt. we had pierogi and just spent some time with him, he was really sad to see me leave again. it was hard man thinks are starting to hurt when you leave, you really get close to these little branches and its hard to leave them. I will for sure always be in contact with him. Also did the final meeting with Krzysztoff, the pic makes him and his mom look scary but they are not sometimes poles dont smile haha. But it was a really good lesson, Maria his mom didnt like it, she wished me a thousand things. in poland well in polish you wish people things all the time so during new years its a pain because its like a contest to see who can wish the most and well Maria won it was like a 5 minute wishing session no joke. but they are cool and krzysztoff is doing so good. he will be baptized. also Elder Hubbard is with Elder Anderson so Elder Hubbard transfered early and he came on monday so i got to see him again so that was the coolest thing ever! love that kid. Elder Anderson is a stud though, they will do so good together. But wednesday i had a 7 hour train ride, it was brutal but i read about moses in exoudus. so i get some good bible reading time in. also we did instytute when i got to bydgoszcz so it was cool seeing ewa and kellely and all them again they were so exctied to see me. it was a cool homecoming i guess you could say. Pretty much all week we were moving and really really busy with all that. the new apartment is super nice. But we did lots of calls. the coolest thing ever. ROBERT answered the phone and set up with us! i am so excited. Presdient told me that i have less active work to do here and well my goal is to get Robert back. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I know that he has a testimony he wrote it in my book of mormon i just need to love him back to rememberence and allow the spirit to really sink in again. The spriit has been a big thing on my mission that i have really wanted to get closer to. Wilth out the spirit the work wont go on. you can really feel it anywear. I have a talk next sunday on the holy spirit and studying it has been a blessing. Its cool to see how his power can change lives. well yall i love yall and miss ya but have a good week and will email at you later!

Elder Harris

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