Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 4 Update

So this week has been awesome it cooled down a lot so it wasnt so hot luckily! unfourntaly i feel as if me and my companion took a step back as to being close but i sucked up to him and he likes me again...i think ;) but i am having fun here! i see Elder Emch, Jaussi, and Sanderson all the time which is great oh and Him ding is back! so what happened this week lets see....monday is p day so i slept and a game called hyba ball which means probably in Polish which we called it that just for fun! it involves 3 trash cans a door and a racquet ball its hard to explain but its really fun! tuesday we had class and thats the days we have the guy teacher which i learn more because he is not cute like my other teacher so at times its hard to focus but of cousre i am not here looking for girls lol. but not the guy teacher i have talked to and he understands that i am a slow learner so he works with me extra so my polish is really picking up! Wednesday was a way good spiritual day wow! me and my companion had an awesome lesson and i just kept talking in polish and not even noticing it gift of tongues is true! i am so grateful for it too. thursday was the same but thats when i saw him ding so that was a suprise i just hear this shawn! i am like hey thats my name...i think..and sure enought there is Elder Himmer how awesome is that! friday was the best we are walking to gym and hear this most beautiful sound you can hear...a bounce not just any bounce a loop sided bounce..and at the corner of my eye i see it..a rugby ball! i go flying to it! two elders one from Austraillia and one from new zealand where passing it around and i have to jump in! it was much fun to pass it around for a little while! but unfortunatly they leave tomorrow so i hope my mom( wink wink ) sends me mine! but how is everyone doing? hows home? i miss and think about you all be safe and have fun swimming and going to the lake! love you all! please write or send cookies ;)
Elder Harris

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