Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 3 update

Well this week was fun we are learing cases for the Polish language and its one of the hardest things i have had to do! but i am slowly getting it you know how i am! but i have faith that i will get this language. my home sickness is all gone but still at times its hard like when i have down time so when those times come i pull out the good old PMG and read it! so whats this i hear about ray allen and steve nash are you kidding me??? please someone give me a sports update how are my yankees doing?? whats new with the NFL? the food is getting better because i forgot what good food is! i am meeting so many new people i love it! i have met a rugby player from Australlia who was on their Junior World Cup team before coming into the MTC and i met a Kiwi who is the same they have such strong testimonies it builds mine!
in my class we have two teachers ones name is Brat Hughes ( brother in polish) and Siostra Stay (sister in polish) and i like Brat Hughes more because he teachers so i can understand and always goes out of his way to help because he knows i learn at a slower pace. i do like Siostra Stay but she is really pretty so its hard at times to focus! lol the fourth of july was a little weird we all expected it to be a normal day but they decided to do a devontional and have a asian talk....yeah weird but wow he had a great talk i really enjoyed it and then they allowed us to go outside and watch the fireworks but since me and fellow pole are so little the food dont settle well so we went inside early and stayed inside so no fireworks for me but luckily i went in becasue the others didnt come in till about 1130 so they got 5 hours of sleep and i got like 8 i win!!! i am having a lot of with my district they are awesome guys we play volleyball all the time and sometimes soccer but we play the bulgarians and they are so immature so of course little man tough guy shawn has to stand his ground and push the englishman who thinks he is the greatest soccer player ever which he kinda sucks my little brother AJ is ten times bettter! but its still fun! i am starting to enjoy reading more and more now i love reading the scriptures i have been reading form alma a lot and if you havent read it i totally recommend it!
i just want to bear my testimony that this is the true church and the book of mormon is true if you havent read it you should and after you finish it pray and you will have the greatest feeling i promise!
if anyone wants to send me a rugby ball that would be cool too :) i miss and love you all! please write or dear elder me it would be awesome!
love elder harris


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