Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 5 Update

Mom post to Facebook lol oh and add these people please...Brian Godwin(from Arizona) John Weir(Has a girlfriend named Bailee and is from Arizona) Ausin Neuner (Girlfriend named madison and went to Davis high and Utah State) Russel Willson (from Rocksprings wyoming) Keith Garfeild (from Virgina) Spencer Vernon( Logan Baranowski is a Mutual Friend) Aaron Boysen (from England) Neila Vusoniceva (From austraillia) thanks!
Hey guys things here at the MTC are really good! I have been running alot and playing lots of soccer and i am not getting fat!!! Yes! The food still makes me sick but they have peaches and peach yogurt so you all already know that i am going to town! Gym has been great as always we play soccer but sometimes i get so feed up with the no hands thing i will just pick it up and drop kick it! people hate guarding me because they think i am to ruff and always go this isnt rugby! but i just laught pansy foot fairies! but soccer is way fun. Polish is starting to get really fun still hard but fun! but the highlight of my week has to be my love for David A Bednar...he is an amazing apostle probably my favorite. i have listen or read so many of his talks this week one of my favorites and it is really popular is the Tender Mercies one. His words are so comforting. he helps us understand that God does love and care about everyone its not just rich people or sick people he is here to help everyone! Believe it or not some people maybe even you some of you reading this think well God doesnt have time for me i will just move on...false!!!! If you sincerly ask God for help and have faith it will happen he can help you! Being obident and praying with a sincre heart can go a long way. and always remember no matter who you are if you feel scared alone are not alone! such a little phrase is so powerful. i am so grateful for my loving heavenly father!
another talk i read was called How Can i recognize the spirit? yall wanna know his answer? Stop worrying about it! its not important. if your so focused on well did the spirti tell me this or is this just me?? if your thinking that your gonna miss that chance. if you are doing the right stuff being a good boy or girl obeying and being obeident the Holy Ghost will lead you in your everyday life rather you think its him or not. and if you misunderstand it before it gets to bad you will be prompted to stop. he tells of story when he was a Stake Pres. and when they had a leadership meeting his son had a championship basketball game he was missing and one of the leaders at this meeting his son was on the oppisite team he kept having a prompting to leave and go watch the game but he was ignoring it then he looked at his counciler and said can you take over? yes...okay go tell that leader down there to meet me in my office and arrange for his car to be driven home by some one else so all that went down and they met in his office and he said we are missing a bball game lets go! so they did and they all had a great time loved the game. six months later he gets a call from that man and says hey my son is in the hospital and Pres Bednar said i willl be right there he gets there and the man walks up to him crying saying he didnt make it...but i want you to know how grateful i am that we went to that game...i was able to see my son play in that big of a stage i was able to share that with him. a sad story but a strong message its not saying always miss church for sports but if you feel a prompting go for it and see what happens..
i want you all to know i love you and pray for you everynight. i hope to hear from some of you and get a sports update please! lol but i want to leave my testimony for you in Polish....sorry i might spell it wrong but here you go lol
Wiem ze Księga Mormona jest prawdziewy. Jest Słowa Bóga. Bóg i Jezusa Chrystusa kocha cię.....ja kocham mój rodzina bardzo! ja kocham jest ewanglie i zadośćucznienie.
yeah i spelled most of it wrong but there ya go lol i hope to hear from some of you!
Starszy Harris

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