Monday, October 8, 2012

Update from Poland

Well this most asked question i have gotten in my emails is how was conference....well unfourtunatly we could get it to stream the file was corrupted so no conference for me, but i did hear about the mission know so many 18 year olds went oh crap....haha WOW that's insane! that means when i train i will train most likely a 18 year old so weird, and when AJ goes on a mission me and Gabe can go back in the day when we went on missions you had to be 19...wait AJ goes in like 6 or 7 years now hahahah wow! But how was conference i was so bummed i couldn't watch it. update on Z my investigator who went missing and was supposed to get baptized still haven't found that old man but please keep praying we will! This week was really rainy and cold but still fun! 
 Monday it was P Day and we went to the happiest place on the earth...The ZOO! i love the zoo but People in Utah you may think our zoo is lame because of ones like San Diego but honestly Utah's is amazing the one here in Gdansk didn't even have Pandas! and all the big animals where in a house not even outside but it was still way fun!! WE also had a really good lesson with one of our investigators named L he is the man so cool! we talked about the restoration and watched the video and he really liked but his girl is still against us talking about gospel stuff so thats a road block for now. 

Tuesday at the start rained it was cold and i was onry as can be! but we had a miracle our last door we were tracking we ran into a man named M and he is awesome! He invited us in and that was my first time being let in by anyone and we talked and he was way into and you could see the spirit working in him through his eyes he was so excited we gave him a book of mormon and wanted to pay us but we said its free he goes i will only take it for free if you promise to come back and teach me about it. duh dude of course! but it was really sweet he was awesome! WE did set up with him but work is getting in the way a road block for now. 

Wednesday not much happened but we met with the cool family again the F family. they are always so nice! but on accident gave me green tea and wow that stuff is nasty!!!! so gross she felt bad but its okay. We finally got to met the husband and he is a stud they are so willing and ready but still have this oh your way is cool i wish our way was like that.....then make it your way! Poland is just so innocent at some times. 

Then Thursday Friday and Saturday kinda sucked. Poor Elder Myler was sick and we had to stay in the whole day. all three days, but i got a lot of studying in as well as watching all of last aprils conference. lucky me right? but it was a good eye opener to realize how much fun missionary work is.Sunday we had a problems with conference, but our investagor L came and told us that he and his girlfriend want to know more about prophets so perfect! they are letting us talk again so pray for that as well! he is amazing guy so cool.well i love and miss you all so much i am doing good and i don't know what goodies i want i am good with what ever lol and my bank account is fixed lol love you all!

Love Elder Harris

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