Monday, October 22, 2012

Have you heard of Katowice?

Well with this week being Transfers i got the call President Neilson, that i will be going to Katowice to be with Mikolyski! He is the zone leader and i am his junior companion! I am sad to leave Elder Myler because i mean he is Elder Myler he is awesome and he has taught me so much the lord wants me in Kato with Mikolyski so i am so excited to experience this new journey! Speaking of Journey Me and Elder Myler this past week have been singing them when ever we are on the tramwaje so that has been hilarious and so much fun! this week has been stressful! we had one of our Missionaries in the hospital and we were helping them. so that was way stressful and scary to see but all in all it was funny because the doctors all try to look hot and pop their collars like they mean something its funny its like a cit com really! but on Friday as i was cytacing the book of mormon i hear this boom crash! skiddddddd! and i look outside and  dont know how to lane change or turn i know i am fast driver but this people are dumb and finally it happened a suv pushed a little taxi onto the tramwaj tracks and it was a mess but no one got hurt luckily! this week also with my invesgagtors was amazing! know that i know i am leaving them it makes me sad! Monday we had family home evening with mickal and his family we made them chocolate chip cookies and chili cheese dogs they loved it and we had a good lesson and that family is slowly progressing but with time they will! i am going to miss them for sure and the hardest one i have to leave is Lukasz he is amazing looks just like justin timberlake but he is always helping me with my language and he speaks english so that helps but man it sucks leaving him! this week was busy with meetings and helping out other missionaries but thats part of a mission life! i am so grateful to be here and so grateful for all of you and i love my family, you guys are my strength being out here. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon i will email my address next week!! Go Irish!! go Raiders! love you all! dowidzenia no dobra no hey!


Elder Harris

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