Monday, October 1, 2012

Poland Update

Poland smells like rotten fruit most of the time I do not understand why. I mean everywhere I go i see apples and stuff smashed on the ground, its really bad lol. Well how is everyone doing? I am doing good just trucking along. This week was a fun week, it rained the whole week, but still it was fun. I heard that my Grandma Stewart passed away this week as well, so sad to hear but she is with her best friend in Heaven how lucky is she? We are so lucky to know that there is life after death, because lots of people in Poland dont really ever think about it or dont believe in that. That would be so hard when you would lose a loved one and be like well thanks for the past whatever its like well I love you and i will see you on the "the other Side." This testimony really hit me with Tyler, And to see how strong my family was with it all. Every side of my family weather it be my Moms my Dads Gabe side 1 and side 2 My friends any part of my family i am truly blessed to have them in my life. I am have the best family in the world.

Last Monday after Emailing all of you we went to Lunch with an american family who was heading home well the wife atleast so we took them to the only place in Poland that can make mexican food its called Burritos! its amazing! so good! we had lots of fun just talking about memories and goofing off they were a big help to us and we will miss her. then for P day we didnt really know what else to do so me being the lazy me said hey lets go nap...Elder Myler is getting old in his mission and is like well lets see what else we can do....unfourtnatly nothing was going on so we napped it was nice but wish we would have done something fun. 

Tuesday we met with the coolest family in Gdansk! the Frackowiak family! Its a mom and a son and a father but he is in szczecin, and is home but they are awesome. The son in 13 years old and is a stud! so funny! they were fun to meet with they were impressed with my Polish since i have only been here a month but i still think my Polish sucks but hey i will take the compliment. She did give me a piece of candy that had alcohole in it but i didnt know it  had it in it till i tasted it and read the rapper she was so embarassed but Dad happy birthday i had a drink for you ;) But we had a good lesson and the son goes hey can you guys come over again this week? Well laughed and said for sure. 

Wednesday was Elder Mylers birthday he is old he is 22 wow i cant believe that when i am home i will be around that age that weirds me out. but we went to Da Grassos Pizza for dinner it was blast it was us and the sister missionaries so the whole district. Da Grasso Pizza is a Poland missionary staple but it was my first time having it and wow.....amazingly good but i need ranch! so if some one wants to send me homemade Ranch packets that would be cool! Rather than that wednesday was full of contacting! lots and lots of walking.
Thursday i woke up and felt like crap Wednesday I wasnt feeling good as it was but Thursday it hit me bad, So we taught our lessons then came back i slept and then went to another lesson, Elder Myler offered to reschedule but i hate being sick as it is so why sit and whine about it. 

Friday we again met with the Frackowiak family, another good lesson but come to find out kids swear in English so their parents dont get made at them he kept saying the F word i was of course laughing, because i am me haha. Then the mom Basiha asked how can my son loose weight and we told him and she looked at me and says do you play sports? Because if you dont play sports you are kind of fat too unless you play sports then your strong looking...little does she know that i am fat but do play sports so i said i play sports just to make her think i was strong lol that was pretty funny.

Saturday i made calls all by myself for the first time...scary but lucky Poles talk more clearly on the phone so its not a problem. i was able to set up an appointment as well so thats progress lol and then finally Sunday. 

Sunday was fast Sunday so everyone bares their testimony,but this is the same lady who told me my first sunday to find more people in poland for this church becasue she was going to die soon. Yup this is Poland!
Well Poland is blast hard but rewarding love and miss you all! I know this church is true and hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Harris

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