Monday, October 15, 2012

What a Week

hey everyone!!! Wow what a week, Glad to hear from my family and that they are doing good! And happy to hear about my Irish!! but my raiders are being the same. but its been both fun and lets be honest a little weird. Poland is such a weird country nothing like the US, but i am starting to love it. 

 Monday for p day we went to the aquarium and that was fun unfourtunatly they had a huge anakonda snake and i really hate snakes so that wasn't very fun at all, but they had some cool little sharks, sting rays and of course clown fish! then that night we went looking for an investagator whose phone was not working and we followed the address and it took us to the jail and insane people place, how cool is that! its right next to my house! and to be honest they are ten times nicer than any other building in Poland which is messed up. but that was an adventure!

 Tuesday i recieved a little package from home ranch packets and a rugby ball!!! mom your an angel never been so excited to have a ball in my life! so every night i have been playing with it haha. Also we had a scare...Sister Neilson had a little heart attack but she is fine now just going in for surgery tomorrow so keep her in your prayers and if you don't pray well say a quick one please! also on Tuesday A boy name M who speaks perfect English met with us and he is a cool guy. he has this impression that his English is better than anyone's which lets be honest he is polish and i am from the states so..yeah okay dude and he hates everything about Poland, he is way cool just very stubborn! through out the week we have been meeting with some awesome investigators so pray for them as well! And i finally got to watch conference the kids faces are classic when the prophet announces the age change it was in polish so didn't get much out it :( but it was still cool. i love and miss you all write some letters i will write back! miss you and think about you all have a good week!!

Elder Harris

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