Monday, October 29, 2012

1st week in Katowice

Well hey guys got some cool news i have to shave everyday now because i actually have facial hair lol this week was sad and good at the same time it was transfer week and i left my first city and my trainer i was scared to leave elder myler because i am still learning polish and i feel as if i wasn't ready! but when i met my new companion we instantly clicked! he is from south jordan and went to bingham. his name is Elder Mikolyski he is really cool he is the zone leader and i am the jr companion. but so nothing too exciting really happened Tuesday was sad because i had to leave my amazing investigators  they were amazing! but Wednesday i had a long train ride that was a total of about 8 and a half hours which was a killer! but when i got into Katowice i noticed it was the ghetto of Poland  wow i mean like raider fans live here i swear! but to be honest i was excited and the first night we did a white board and i had to contact on my own which i did really well at i was able to communicate with people and they understood me and i understood them so i know i am improving thanks for all your prayers! like i said nothing to exciting happened this week but i am doing good and having so much fun. i had my first Sunday in a chapel not a library so that was really cool! pres neilson came because it was district conference or stake conference and every time he is here the spirit is so strong he is an incredible guy!!  and well yeah that about it i am doing the same old same old i love you all and pray for you all!
Elder Harris

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