Monday, December 10, 2012

Eating my favorite food Mac and Cheese

Big Mac are a must. 

Well this week I got a new companion Elder Hayes from wales! So i am in a three some for now, but with transfers coming up next week who knows what could happen...wait that means Elder Myler goes home :( that sucks! but Elder Hayes is funny he has an accent so you already know that I am mocking him and trying to sound like him lol. Its starting to get really hard to remember what happens during the week,but this week we met with a guy from Nigeria named David who is tall!! I mean like 6 foot 7 tall he is a giant! but I contacted him hmm I don't know a week or two ago and finally we had time to meet, but he was telling us that when he saw me that he felt the spirit and had to listen and wanted to know more. Also just talking with him never met a more spiritual guy he puts TePuts to shame! Just kidding, but no seriously what an amazing guy so nice. He was miracle for sure! We also meet with this less active member named Andrzej Sadowski, and elder Mikolyski goes okay elder Harris you find a chapter we will read with him and your going to do all the talking gee garsh okay no problem!  I prepared and what do you know I can spit out some polish words and he understood me! Holy cow coolest thing ever! 5 month's in and I can kinda talk! haha we taught him twice this week and I taugth both lessons and when we meet with our old baptismal date named olek I was able to understand and jump in. It's incredible now I just got to keep studying and not slacking off. This week was hard though kept having thoughts of home and it would get me down, but then I would look at my pictures I have of my family and thing about them, they help me carry on. There alot of cool things going on here in Poland sorry I don't really know what to share or to say I suck this week, but I love you all! Congrats Brayden on your call Texas. Lucky it's warm there! Can't  wait to hear from you! umm I know this church is true I know gods loves us and he care about all of us even the ones who don't think he does. If your willing to look, he will help if your willing to feel it he will show you his love. Be like Enos and pray to him with a real desire and I promise you that he will answer! Lauren good luck with the baby and stuff and everyone have a good week!
Elder Harris

PSIi am eating McDonald's and Mac and Cheese
Elder Harris has a big HEAD
Elder Hayes favorite color is RED
Elder Mikolyski wants to go to BED
Because Elder Harris is TIRED
Yo Elder Mikolyski you are FIRED
Elder Hayes you look like your WIRED
Sorry Elder Harris is waiting for this to LOAD
Oh no Elder Mikolyski whats the CODE
Oh well Elder Hayes lets hit the ROAD

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