Monday, December 3, 2012

There's snow in the air

Baby it's cold outside

So this week we where riding in a tramwaje, which is like trax and all of the sudden we hear this old lady go "Pan Jezus!" which is taking the Jesus's name in vain, but we look over and this old lady has your arm stuck in the door and the tramwaje is moving, you would think this is sad but you gotta have been there it was so funny! she was being rude to everyone who tried to help her and told the tramwaje driver she was going to sue him or however you spell it and he goes you crazy old lady just walk home and we went on our way, but to hear everything in Polish was ten times funnier lol. But on that note my week was awesome we taught 20 lessons which is a lot in Poland its my second time over 12 on my mission I am usually around 8 to 10 a week which isn't bad but its a lot of contacting and finding on those weeks still. Nothing to exciting happen this week until Wednesday in English. We have a student who is an old man who is a really annoying and always has a comment that are on the wrong topic and after he always says dobrze poweidalem? which means did i say that right? (basically) and its like yes E sit down and shut up. Then he asked me to translate text from his family in Chicago and that was hilarious! he kept telling me I was wrong and  said okay then I won't do it so he goes okay your right go ahead...this went on for a good 25 minutes ha ha  But through out the week lessons just kept happening like we would get canceled on, so we would call someone and they would go I can meet now so we would and it was awesome! we had some good meetings too, we met a guy who wants to be baptized just needs to be taught totally cool but he lives in Kielce which is another city,where we have missionaries so we will talk to him this week about that, but he is awesome. Then we met with olek he even came to the baptism we had on Saturday! it was a blast too he liked, so we just need to get him to talk with his mom, hopefully she will. We gave him a for the strength of youth pamphlet to show to her so pray for him! But on Sunday Pres. Nielsen came to Katowice, to do interviews and see the baptism it always good to see him. but being in Poland really makes you realize how the gospel does bless peoples lives. I mean to see someone go from this totally sad down in the dumps person to after meeting with the missionaries be smiling and way happy. and to hear the members stories are great as well. I am so grateful to have been born in the church and to have had the chance to live and do what i have done. and to see how the Book of Mormon has really helped me. I love it! I honestly love reading the Book of Mormon every morning it makes the day so much better. and don't have to go to Church to pray....everyone can pray and if you don't think god loves you ask him and he will show you his love if you really wanting to find it or to know I promise he will show it to you he has everytime I ask him on my mission so far. It"s hard being out here but so worth it at the same time, there are people I wont see at home ever again or things I can't do but there are people in Poland who I wouldn't have meet or done things I have done I love it. it's so much fun! I love you all and thanks so much for your prayers and help! and thanks to those who were involved with the Lynnae package I got it and its awesome thanks so much love you all have a good week!

Elder Harris

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