Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Transfer week and a week before Christmas

This next week is transfers, so I found out yesterday whats going to be happening to me! I am staying in Katowice with Elder Hayes and my old companion Elder Mikolyski is now an AP! I am sad I won't be with Mikolyski anymore because he was awesome, but Elder Hayes is from wales and is so so so funny!!!! so I am excited for this transfer! Also hello Cole Tyler Cottingim! Witam rodzinie!( Hello Family) I  can't believe I will pretty much have a whole new family to see when I get home! 

This week was a fun one and stressful one. My companion actually left early so that sucked but we also had 3 straight days of nothing, but finding! no meetings set up nothing, it was long and really cold.  Saturday I stopped a kid on the road and asked him what makes him happy in life and he looked at me like okay dude why do you care so I go czy moge pitac? meaning can I ask? and he laughs and goes sure....I guess work food and family. of course this is in polish, and I go cool what makes me happy is playing rugby watching football talking to people about God and most important my family and right after I said that his face changed. He was like that's cool. You love your family? and after he asked me that the spirit was there even though we were outside and it was way cold I could feel it. We talked about families and how he likes going to church, but sees some faults in the catholic church, I even shared how my family from Poland are catholic and it doesn,t mean they are bad people I love them just as much as my Mormon family and he thought that was way cool! We talked a little longer and he goes to church every Sunday and prays all the time. I gave him a Book of Mormon, but he didn't want to exchange numbers, but we said he would read and think about. For  having a couple days straight of nothing but contacting that was a miracle  a tender mercies of the lord. Not only did we feel the spirit, but hey I was freaking speaking Polish! It was amazing! And also this week we met with Kris the guy from our English class and he recommitted him to read and pray and he goes okay and the next day calls and says we need to talk about his book after English again, so pray for him he is so ready! Also those nice girls I was telling you about? Paulina and Patrica? yeah Paulina came to English class and met with us after. We told her we can not met with her because we have sisters who can and she goes okay this stuff is interesting I can't wait to learn more. So it was a miracle she wasn't only interested in some American men, but also the gospel! Also this week we had zone traning and Elder Weir from my MTC group who is my favorite missionary was there so it was fun being able to see him! But this week was fun and full of stress, but hey that's a mission right? I love you all and wish you all a Merry Christmas. No email from me next week. Christams Eve is a big deal here in Poland so everything will be closed, but love you all and will email you all when I can! Moses 6: 63 Everything we have in life testifies of God, you see a huge cruise ship which a an amazing creation that man created and it's incredible then you think of a blue whale which is this massive 3 football field long creature that peacefully move through out the water. That's evidence that God loves us. I know he does. I promise he does remember Jesus this Christmas Season najdzieja wszyskto podzaku z wami!dzieki Jesusowi Christusowi jestesmy tutaj na ziemia. i wiem ze to jest prawdzwym z mojej calej serca! Bardzo kocham was. mam 
Starszy Harris
PS: i am sorry can't spell in English let alone polish and google translate sucks for polish, but you can probably get the basics of what I just said,  plus I can't put some letters so sorry!

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