Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012

Czesc wam!

Well I can start off by saying congrats to Jimmy and Nadia on another baby! geez little Brenda will be like 3 when I am home. Matt and Melissa's baby will 2, As well as Brian and Lauren's baby.   The family is changing. Hopefully they like me when I get home haha.  This week was a weird week, we had like no time really for proselyting because Monday was Wigilia which is Christmas Eve and its a big deal in Poland, so it was a full p-day. We did however hang out with what they call gypsys out here they are the darkerskinned people who are usually from Romania I think and they are comparable to.....Mexican's sorry don't know how else to put it. We have 3 YSAs who are gypysys or however you spell it, they are born and raised in Poland and don't speak Romanian just have blood does that make sense? Well we hung out with them and ate lunch and it was so much fun! they are so cool! I will tell you more about them later! and then Tuesday was Christmas and we hung out at the Senior couples home they feed us we made ginger bread house and it was just fun! They had some phones and we were able to call our families from them so it was good to hear from them! Gosh! everyone sounds so much older! talking to you guys really motivated me and pumped me up! t Wednesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference  that was so much fun! I got a cool tie in the white elephant game! it's from a place called Adams and it's a missionary favorite. It's in Warsaw and I can't wait to go. Ties are like 9 American dollars and the nicest ties ever, so I will be getting a bunch there when I go haha. We helped our branch President and he accidently grabbed our cell phone on Thursday so we waited for him to bring it back. That was funny though, he is great though his name is Adrian and he is one of the ysa gypsys as well.
 Friday we worked, but Saturday one of those gypsys got married! It was so cool to see a polish wedding, but it was weird a girl married them, and we were all sitting down even them the entire time and she says you guys will live together in happiness on this earth till death do you part....I hope....and all of us missionaries are like did she just say I hope? haha it was way funny, but hey that's how they do it here in good old Poland.  Sunday I helped teach Sunday school, that was fun my polish still isn't the best, but hey I did it and they understood so that"s good!  This Christmas was the best! Thank you all for your prayers! I miss you and love you all. I felt your prayers during the holiday season. Today I want you all to know the Book of Mormon is true! It blesses lives. I miss you all, but I hope your all being blessed while I am here if your not seeing the blessings then open your eyes god loves you I promise. If you don't believe me look at a baby....look into it's eyes and tell me you don't see God....he is true and son died for us. I miss you and love you have a good New Year be safe party it up ( safely of course ;) ) have a good week! would love to hear from you guys as well!
Elder Harris 

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