Monday, December 24, 2012

Wesołych świąt‏ (Merry Christmas)

 Enjoying some bowling on my P-day

Hey! well I know I said I couldn't email but, we a found a place to email so I thought i would send a little one.  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Things in Poland are still going good it's freaking cold though! It will snow then the next day it rains and then good bye snow. It's all gone.  This past week was good we found a new investigator named A  from the Ukraine and he is cool he likes american sports and music so we get a long but, he came to our branch Christmas party and I felt as if I had to baby sit him and he doesn't respect polish people at all and is only here to work so it's really stress full when he is around then I finally asked him if he is interested in our message and he said sure if it will help him get to that sucks. My polish is improving I am leading every lesson now and asking all the questions and for the most part talking the entire time just throwing out words to the investigator, which is good practice. I now see why this language is in the top 4 hardest in the world it's tuff but, so much fun! Well not to much to say sorry but, I love you all and hope Christmas is good. Remember why we celebrate Christmas.....for the presents duh.. Please  remember why for reals and remember that our Father in Heaven loves us all the same and knows us personally. He knows what we want and need I treasure his love. I feel it so strong on my mission.  It helps me continue. When I miss home something little happens and boom my head is in the right spot. I see miracles everyday and I am grateful for them. I am grateful for you my family and love you all! Merry Christmas!!!

 Elder Harris 

PS: I tracked into people whose names were Janikowski and Grąkowski the real name of Gronkowski cool! Right?

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