Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello Everyone!

 My favorite polish food (Golabki, kroski slaski)
  Found some Christmas Lights
Tracking last night its Elder Hayes


Hello everyone!

Mam żółte oczy teraz! :(        (This means he has Yellow eye.)

Well this week was interesting nothing to exciting, but still awesome of course!  Like I said in my last email we were going to go to Auszwtitscz or however you spell it, but we  got the bus times mixed up so hopefully next week. Besides the sisters can't go today so we won't go today! I  was on exchange with Elder Brown the Trainee of Elder Bokinsky and it was fun! he is so smart, only been in the country a month and was able to pip in on our lesson with our less active member Tomek, which went really well.
 He is so nice ,but his dad doesn't  support him being Mormon.  It's sad to see, but he has strong faith that he is getting better and better he even sent me a text that night saying thanks for my help and stuff and it was something I needed because it's been 7 months and only one real baptismal date, so I sometimes feel as if I am not doing it right, then I get a text from a member who notices me trying and that means something. He is great.
 Wednesday President Neilson came and did interviews and as always so good to see him! and Sister Neilson is so much like Krisy! no joke! we went and bought pizza, but this pizza place gives the.....and she kept teasing me and she acts just like you Krisy. They are amazing I am so sad they leave this summer, but hey they live in Vegas so I know where I am staying for the rugby games now ;) 
 Thursday was honestly amazing! we had all day finding because we were canceled on for the 5th time this week already and we have been talking to everyone for a bout 2 hours now and nothing then we talk to a girl named Gosia and she was so nice, she goes I don't believe in false things. We laughed and went well neither do we. We believe  in the truth, and she goes hmm what do you have to say? S  o we talk and she asks about, well it sounds hard to be Mormon since no one in Poland is. Me and Elder Hayes bare our testimony on how God loves us and how not everyone in our families are Mormon and she goes hmm okay I will read this.  We taught her a full first and part of the plan of salvation and she liked it all! That same day we were at lunch and an excommunicated member came into the church and was talking to me and he isn't allowed to even be there and he goes why doesn't God stop bad people from hurting good people? he says what if I was to shoot someone would he stop me? and he kept bringing that up and honestly it was scary. He kept talking about killing people and committing suicide, and Elder Hayes was on the phone so I felt alone and so I looked at him and was like alright dude tell you what don't you dare kill anyone or yourself pray tonight for the love of god and see what happens and as I was saying that I felt this growth and someone standing behind me holding me up and his face changes and goes okay I will I promise and of the most powerful moments on my mission ( okay mom and dad don't freak out now I am safe I promise lol ) a testimony builder.  All day Friday and Saturday we got flaked it was so hard and annoying, but hey it happens....ALOT! but we keep the faith you know? 
Sunday was good I am able to understand everything almost now some words here and there, but mostly got it.  I  have been listening to old and new conference talks and my 3 favorite are 1. Tender Mercies of the Lord - David A Bednar, 2. The Women in Our Lives- President Hinkley, and 3. We Have Work to Do - D Todd Christofferson. They are amazing .Look them up and listen or read them. I know God loves us, I know we are where we are for a reason, he puts people in our paths for a reason to help us learn and grow. You can learn from anyone. Be humble. I love and miss you all. Thought for the week tell your loved ones you love them, men grow up and be men, and tell your wife you love them. I know I am 19 and no nothing about women, but I still know you should love them. Have a great week everyone and talk to you soon!!!
Elder Harris

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