Monday, January 28, 2013

This week was hard

 Me and Elder Godwin. I think we had an exchange!
 I  think its me looking at a wall which is me tracking on a domophone and it was to tall and i had to get on my tippy toes...
me and the snow by a huge Catholic Cathedral 

Hey everyone!!!

Well I am  not going to lie, this week was a struggle, but I, maned up and got over by the means of help from the lord! I was struggling with the language something that I have always struggled with, but I have been getting better and better, but this week felt as if I was getting worse. I  couldn't speak and know one listened to us period. I was loosing my desire to work. It was hard not going to lie.  Every morning and night I prayed  for help and I could feel my Heavenly Fathers love, but still felt down. Two things happened this week that helped me. 
Thursday morning i was writing in my journal and I have my families pictures and they fell out. I looked at the one of AJ that I have and I was like wow this little guy is getting the priesthood on Sunday....and I was filled with the spirit and knew I was doing the right thing and so AJ congrats dude love you so much! 
he next thing was Sunday morning. I  had to talk to someone in our branch about a excommunicated person and I was struggling to speak...I don"t know why, but during sacrament meeting I went and prayed I walked back and I thought of an old man in my life whom we all call Dzia Dzia.  I was listening to the talk and I was like wow I understand Polish this is my families  background. I then thought of Dzia Dzia and was like this is where I am supposed to be and after that Sunday was amazing and I could understand and communicate better because I had the spirit with me. 
 On to the stuff we did through out the week. Monday and Tuesday I was on exchange with Elder Godwin an Elder from my MTC group. it was good to see him! He is serving in Krakow with Elder Szymanski! Elder Godwin is a stud and so funny  he has  crazy ideas about things and you ask him he will take them to the grave haha! I look forward to serving more with him and spending time with him after the mission for sure!! 
 Tuesday we had an investigator show up a day early....okay cool dude, but hey me and Elder Godwin spun something together and it was a good lesson! He even reset up so lucky me!
 Wednesday we tougth English and it was fun and funny as always we've  got some crazy people in our class, but they make it fun and then after English that excommunicated guy Marek showed up and I had to talk to him and it was 30 minutes again. I feel so bad for him, but I don't know what to do.  Technically  I can't meet with him without our branch presidents permission which he said no, but this time Marek was grateful that I talked to him and left with out a fight.
 Thursday was a fully day of contacting and boy was it hard, but I had my miracle so it made it easier. Then Friday we helped the Hutchinson's, our senior couple pack and leave to Warsaw. They are going to be the new office Elder and Sister . Then the Reeds came here and they are sweet, so cool. He loves sports, but is a Bronco fan....but is little so he is automatically cool right? I  think they have a blog type in Reeds in Poland and see what happens. 
Then Saturday we meet a guy named Piotr, frist guy in about 3 weeks that we were able to teach on the street he even agreed to come to church, but never did. So lots happened this week and it was all a blessing. I have been craving a Neapolitan Shake from In n Out, so someone drink  one for me and maybe send me a picture?? I hope your all doing well and had a good week! Hope this week is better! Love you and miss you all don't have to much bez mnie czyli without me. dzieki za pomoc i kocham wam bardzo na pewno. jestescie najlepszy i milego dnia and wszystkiego najlepszego!!!

Elder Harris

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