Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Poland Baby

Elder Hayes, Elder Harris, Sister Ence, Sister Holmgren,
 Elder Bokinsky, and Elder Brown  
In normal clothes
It snowed and it finally stuck.

czesc znowu Starszy Harris tu
wiec ok no tym tygodnu robilem duzo, i teraz bede tlumaczyl po angelsku dobra?

Elder Harris part here again,
ok so well this week I have made a lot, and now I'll be translating the angelsku good?

Sorry the computer I am on doesn't have the polish keyboard for some reason I can't put L , E, and A funky so it all looks funny, but this week was fun! did lots of work contacted a lot and had a decent amount of meetings! but because Monday was New Years Eve we had a full p-day again because its not safe for us to be out while people are drinking more than usual, so me and Elder Hayes played cards and cleaned! ya'll are jealous I know right? but we did try and sneek out to by food, but the store was closed. I did take one pic of us in normal clothes. Wow they feel weird not going to lie. We were allowed to stay up and watch the fireworks if we wanted, but still had to be up at 630 so what does Elder Harris do? Party or sleep? weather I am home or on the mission I am picking the same thing...sleep. But don't worry we were lucky enough to have the fireworks for all of Kato be by the parking lot next to our apartment and this year was extra special they did them from 1145 till 1215. They were so loud that I didn't miss them! lucky me haha. 

 They were good ,just crazy how huge they were and the next day everyone in Poland looked dead. People in Poland, no joke live to make money then spend it on Saturday night or New Years Eve. It's all about partying here. 
 Tuesday I contacted this man and a women and they told me nie mamy czasu meaning we don't have time so I am like okay whatever and moved.  Elder Hayes says hey lets eat here for lunch just some random place so we did and just before we are about to leave that couple walk in and sit by us...way awkward I am like lets leave and right before they leave. They go hey are you from America? and me with a big o' grin on my face why yes we are.  They ask questions and we ended up teaching them first and giving them a Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool.  On top of that it's crazy to think I am speaking Polish now, not perfectly by all means and I don't understand everything yet, but I can communicate with people now it's awesome! 
Wednesday Sister Ence she is in my district got emergency transferred to Wroclaw so we took a district picture and in the picture there is in order I think Elder Hayes, Me, Sister Ence, Sister Holmgren ,Elder Bokinsky and Elder Brown. 
Thursday we went to the train station to pick up sister Howells who is sister Holmgrens companion. She is way nice. She knows Manti Teo and she sewed up my pants how nice is she right?
 Friday was all day contacting. but it did snow hard core and it stuck for the first time this year. 
Saturday we taught a guy named Mikolaj the stop smoking program. 
Sunday was hilarious. so we have to translate for the senior couple and Elder Hayes was translating in Sunday school and I was looking for the scriptures to read them in English and we read in Genesis about how Abraham got his ass and his sons ready to leave and I say ass of course that's what it said in the bible, but then the teacher puts a picture of Jezus riding in on a donkey and in Wales, ass is not a swear word it's what you call a donkey so we explain the picture and Elder Hayes goes well it's a picture of Jesus sitting on his ass I mean donkey and it was so funny just how it sounded, but luckily it was a true statement in Wales just not in america. Wow funny times with a walchman (hopefully that didn't offend anyone) but back to the Mikolaj guy, so he came up to me in English and asked if I could help him quite smoking so we set up a meeting and we teach him about it and as I was testifying to him...it hit me....what i am saying is true. and I stopped and thought about it all the rest of the day. and into my personal study and as I was reading out the conference liahona page 16 the top quote about why babies die young. I lost it. God loves us so much and he has a plan for us. It's hard and may seem unfair, but it's what will makes up happy. Like President Ucthdorf said in one of his talks last conference, we make ourselves happy. so I challenge you all who are not feeling happy to look for things that make you happy and do it. I am grateful for my family. I have them (both) in my Polish Book of Mormon so when I read I see everyone of them. I testify to you that the Book or Mormon is true please read a long with my mission I promise you will be blessed if you can't read it all at least read every day. I love you all and miss you! have fun this week! Happy Birthday AJ and GO IRISH!!!!!
Elder Harris

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