Monday, January 21, 2013

Katowice Interviews

 The Missionaries in the Katowice District were eager and ready to start interviews. They had a busy night ahead of them with English class and lessons.  (LtoR):  Elders Hayes (ZL), Brown, Bokinsky (DL), Harris.  Sisters Holgren and Howells with Elder and Sister Hutchinson.
In the Intermediate Class are Elders Harris and Hayes.  
They did a great job in explaining future, present and past tense verbs to these students. 
After English Classes it was time for Institute Class.  The instructor is Adrian, also the Branch President.  President Nielson is holding one of the most recognizable items in the Branch- Adrian's cap.  He wears this all the time, and it is his trade mark.  We all love this great man.

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