Monday, January 14, 2013

Poland update and little sport talk

Okay hello everyone I would like to start off with a little sports talk because I haven't really been able to do that in about 6 months so here I go.

Okay so your waiting for my 2 cents on Notre Dame getting blown out. It was anticipated, but not expected by me personal because I am biest and love my teams, but it didn't surprise me. 
Like always Alabama is a great football program who has done well in recent history as well as a past history. They are a good team, that being said Notre Dame now. Great season and if your a sports fan and can't tip your hat to them then maybe you should re think what sports are. I read an article saying that it was even a joke that Notre Dame thought they could even play or even beat Notre Dame, okay stop right there Mr Sports writer it's obvious you never have played sports in your life. What team doesn't go into a game not expecting to win I mean seriously. Notre Dame being ranked number one with a pretty dang good Defense had the right to want and think they could win. 
Also he goes on to say how they had a weak schedule okay dude your wrong again. I am in a different country and I can clown this character. Notre Dame was scheduled to play a USC team who was I believe preseason ranked number 1 with a good Quarterback it's not Notre Dames fault they had a disappointing season and ended up not being that good. Yes they barely won, but guess what a Win is a win no matter how you look at it. Then they played in the Big house vs a solid Michigan team who if I remember correctly they blew them out. Which also, that week our heart and soul of the team and team captain Manti Teo his grandmother as well as his girlfriend passed away. If you know anything about Polys their Grandmothers are very important and his girlfriend. I mean come one his world just got shut down, but he went and played and had the game of his life blowing out a rival. They played a Oklahoma team who always has good team and Notre Dame got crap for being ranked higher then them so what did Notre Dame do?? They blew them out of the water as well. Then of course you got the BYU Game, but to our defense Byus D was ranked number 4 and plus Notre Dame offense is okay and there qb was out so it was closer, but they still won. Then they played Alabama and got killed didn't show up from what I heard hey that sucks really bad, but you know what you learn from it and realize that you need to work harder hats off to Notre dame on a good season not a good finish, but it's the start of something good to come! Go Irish and Oh,yes Raiders you disappointed me but still love you!!
Okay I just needed to vent sorry back to important stuff. This week was really cool week! 
Been reading out of the Book of Mormon and this verse stuck out to me 2 Nephi 1:15 the end of it: I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love. How much more comforting can you get? I testify that you can feel the love of God if you want it and if you have the faith to act and search for it. This week I have felt it everyday. 
Monday we had the opportunity to teach an man made Micholaj (Nicholas) the stop smoking program. He was so ready and down for it. Such a spiritual lesson I was able to testify about prayer and he has the faith and its going to work. 
Tuesday I was a little exchange with Elder Brown and it was a blast he is a young missionary who is already doing good! I get to do a real exchange with him tonight actually so it will be fun. 
Wednesday we had a scheduled meeting to meet with Micholaj again, but he didn't show. We called and called and he has not picked up since our first meeting which is really annoying, but I left him a message and hopefully he knows we still want to help him. 
Thursday we helped the gypys out by remolding their apartment, that was a blast we ripped up the entire house.  It's always good to be hanging out with them. 
 Saturday the real miracle happened we were eating at a milk bar and this guy comes up to us and says hey you don't know me, but I know you. Can you sit by you. We say sure, get talking and come to find out he is a member of 12 years, but has been inactive for 6 and he lives in Sosnowiec and agreed to start meeting with elders again How cool is that, running into him? I love this work. I had the chance on Sunday to give a talk and boy was that scary, but hey I did it and it turned out to be pretty good kinda short, but really good! Cool things are happening here in Poland. I love and miss you all! I am out of time because I am going to Ausztwicz or however you spell talk to you next week!
Elder Harris

           False alarm I'm going to Auszwitch. The buses didn't come, plus it's too cold and snowy so                                 hopefully next week, but the pictures are of me and Elder Neuner at zone training he is in my group, the other is me in my new suit and the other one is a picture of a car with a four leaf clover on it thought it was cool lol.

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