Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing up so fast

 This is meand Elder Dofge and Robert our Baptism. The next one is Me and Elder Gudnason who is going home :( with Oskar a guy in our Branch.

Hey Everyone!
Okay, so if you at all talk to my mom you all probably know that we had transfer calls last night, so I am so sad to say this, but Elder Dodge is getting transferred to Kraków. I learned a lot about how to speak English which sorry to say all didn't settle in haha, but no he was an amazing companion. He worked so hard and always and I mean always had a smile on his face! he is going to do so good there.  It's sad because he will miss the baptism of Robert which I feel bad for because Robert is amazing and I want to share that with Elder Dodge. So yes I am staying here in Bydgoszcz as district leader don't know my companion yet, but you guys can look on my mission presidents blog I think on Thursday night and you will find out who my companion is if you all want. It was great! we went to Warszawa on Monday and on the way home talked to a family, they weren't interested in the gospe,l but still they were nice we talked about families for like 2 hours, easy topic for me since my family is huge!  Tuesday was long felt like, but we contacted a dude who said he likes metal music and that's stuff we can't listen too...well you all know me so I start throwing out band names and stuff and he is like wow you like that stuff? I said yes, but I like this book a lot more. He laughs and goes okay your normal I will listen. We end up teaching him random stuff because he had 50 million questions. We got his number and set up a meeting ,but was in the process of getting divorced so he canceled. I was bummed, but hey I understand. Wednesday Elder Vernon was sick so the APs told Elder Gudnason if Elder Vernon can't work today you need to go on an exchange with Elder Harris. So I had an exchange with Elder Gudnason again. It was fun we taught Jasmine our investigator who speaks Engllsh and we talked about little blessings in our lives. I told her  how Jordyn when she prays says this:
 "Please bless my Shawn and make him safe and please bring him home to me. He's my friend and I love him" and how that was a tender mercy to me that day from the lord thought my mom and she got all teary eyed. She is so ready for baptism just has family stuff so all we can do is wait. Robert met with us on Thursday and Saturday and even came to the baptism and the meetings rocked and he is doing so good he is in Czech Repbulic for two weeks with his wife,but is going to church there which is cool. The baptism was good. On Sunday when she received meaning Karolina the investiagtor of Elder Gudnason and now Elder Vernon when she received the holy ghost the spirit was so strong. Sunday was a really good day, as was this week. I read a cool quote from Pres Uchtodorf "The gospel is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable" love and miss you all! 

Love Elder Harris

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