Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This is what I was doing on P-day

This is courtesy of Sister Nielson 
11:47am:  Elders Dodge and Harris are good to go with their Residence Cards. 
Now it's back to Bydgoszcz. 
 Now that everyone has arrived, it is just a waiting game.  Elders Brown (Katowice), Harris (Bydgoszcz), Bokinsky (Office), Register (Office), Walter (soon to be Krakow), Peacock (Lublin), Lanham (Kielce), Stockford (Krakow), Szymanski (Krakow), Sister Bown (Poznan), Elders Finch (Lublin), Dodge (Bydgoszcz), and Smith (Lodz).
11:48am:  The Assistants pick them up and taxi them to the Dworzec (train station). 
 They were able to catch an earlier train,also.

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