Monday, April 8, 2013

I am in the South Pole

Hey everyone! 

So it started warming up, but every now and then it will randomly snow or something  for like 5 minutes....kinda bi polar.  I  finally took some pictures! hope they are okay. This week was good. We met with Robert again and he is doing great, his baptismal date is May 11th  now because he will be in the Czech Republic for a couple weeks. His wife is studying there right now. He is doing so good. I was on exchange with Elder Gudnason, the Elder here from Iceland! yes Iceland weird eh? But rather than that nothing to exciting happened. 
We went tracking  and got let in. It was random too. We went to the first door and this young guy comes out and is like oh cool another  bible. Can you guys come in? uh....sure dude....His name is Marcin and isn't practicing meaning he doesn't go to church, but he read, well he says he studies the bible everyday. We went on a 20 minute tangent about how people don't actually read the holy scriptures they just say they do and stuff like that it was interesting. He works a lot so we couldn't get a return appointment, but it was still great to share our message with him. I got my package and loved my Little PMG it's awesome! Its nice to be able to go back and restudy and remark everything. One really cool thing that happened this week was yesterday since we didn't have church and weren't able to view conference we had a normal working day. We read in 3rd Nephi 11 and verses 7-11 are all about Jesus and I got into a conversation with a guy about Jesus. It was a great contact. He ended up just being like I have my own religion and I don't want to change, but he really appreciated the talk. While we were talking it really made me realize how important it all really is. I mean It says God Spoke to the People that is the only the 3rd written down in history that God himself has either Spoken like that to his children or been here. 1st was when Jesus was baptized as it is said in Mathew 3 and then when he came to the American said in 3rd Nephi, and the 3rd time is when he and his son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. And every time he has came, is to benefit his children. why? Because he loves us. That's just how it is. He loves us, I know that to be true. I love you and miss you all! time is flying, ten months this month its crazy!

Elder Harris

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