Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Hey everyone!

Cześć Robert! zapraszam do czytania dzisiaj ( Hi Robert!, I invite you to read today )

Well no pictures again. I am sorry...One I forgot my camera because we are emailing on a Tuesday and we usually do it on a Monday.  Two....I didn"t take any pictures. It"s getting really hard to take pictures. Not going to lie,  but one thing interesting happened I got an email from President Neilson saying  that anyone is allowed to email now, not just family so that"s really cool!  I have been reading some of my friends Mission update letters, and they are all talking about monthly baptism goals. Wow you guys Baptize alot on your mission that is incredible. Our  yearly goal is 72 or six a month....yeah zero for march is what we got. We  have about 12 schedule for this month so our work is getting better and better every day! I am so grateful for my mission, and wow it"s been a blast. This week the Zone Leaders are in my district as you all know, so they were doing an exchange with Szczecin ( good luck saying that ) and I think it"s like a good 6 hours away, but the other Elder missed his train so Elder Bokinsky got to stay the night with us! pretty fun. Tuesday was a mix day. We had a meeting with Robert and he is doing really good. On Wednesday we got to meet his wife and one of her friends. We allowed them to ask us questions and we answered them. It went really well.  Tuesday Franciszek our other Bdate told us he doesn't feel ready for Baptism, because he doesn't agree with the law of tithing. He is so hard to set up meetings with because of his work schedule and that hurt so bad. It was so hard. He still wants to meet and try and get ready but doesn't feel that tithing is needed. So we got to find out how we can help him out more. It snowed again here in Bydgoszcz....yay....and sorry I don't have another video for you guys I will make one this week if I remember.  Yeah it's cold here, but I am eating alot and getting fat so its keeping me warm ;) life is good here loving the mission nothing more fun then being on a mission. Polish is getting better and better. in personal study I read in Helaman 5 this past week and everyone knows Helaman 5:12 but honestly 5:7 really stuck out to me. I honestly want to grow up on my mission. I don't want to be  a compleltly different person just a more grown up Shawn you know? and pretty much that scripture sums it up for me. Its such a privilege to read from  The Book or Mormon every day, so enjoy.   Miss and love you alll! Mam Nadzieja twoja święto było najlepszy! Smacznego Jajka! haha  (Hope your Holiday was the best! Enjoy all the Eggs!) Pictures and a video next week i hope sorry ya'll church is still true promise! 

Elder Harris 

Pamiętajcie że, małżeństwo jest formą kary w innych krajach! żartuję! Kocham Was Tak Bardzo!!!!!!!  

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