Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Letter from Starzego Harris

Hey everyone!

Sorry I am emailing on Tuesday, and not yesterday. Me and Elder Dodge had to go into Warszawa for Legal work, so pretty much all P day was spent in Warszawa and on the train fun stuff right?  It was good seeing old missionary friends and ones I have never met. 
We honestly have the best missionaries in the world.  As for last week... let's see. Tuesday we had a meeting with Robert, he is doing so good and progressing so good, you can tell he loves this gospel! Unfortunately he and his wife were unable to make it to church they were not in Bydgoszcz, but hopefully in two weeks they can come, and hopefully I am still here in Bydgoszcz. Crazy that next Sunday is transfers calls. But Wednesday is one of my favorite days, we have institute and Sister Kaeglle the American family here, she teaches institute slash seminary. And in our branch we have a Member named Oskar and he is so funny! such a spiritual kid. He is only 23, and can't serve a mission because of his disorder (not sure what it is) but loves talking to missionaries, and since Elder Bokinksy left I am his new favorite.  And we talked about Home Alone, yes the movie Home Alone for about 2 hours on Sunday and half the time on Wednesday. He loves that movie. oh, and the movie 2012, he is always asking the same questions and he knows I haven't seen it, but still asks, its great.  Yeah so we have to translate for him, and oh boy don't say anything about haircuts or  buying food on Sundays as well as the word of wisdom. It's funny, but he doesn't stop. He is  one of the nicest kids you will ever meet! Wish you all could ;( But Thursday we had a meeting with Franciszek and he is doing better willing to keep on meeting and praying and reading to find out if Tithing is true. Can I add one thing? Everyone pay your tithing. Then Friday some interesting things happend, so Adam our 11 year old Baptismal Date, well we had a meeting with him and it was going good till he said he doesn't want to pray which he never prays. Then he wouldn't read so it was a pain!!! So the whole lesson was pretty much him yelling at us and his mom....so we left. Wow learning patience for when I have kids I guess.  Then we found out  Elder Vernon is coming to Bydgoszcz.  He is here with us now! So excited to serve around him again! This week was good so stoked for next! love the mission love this church. love you bye!

Love Elder Harris

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