Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bydgoszcz Zone Conference

(Courtesy of Sister Nielson's blog)

The Bydgoszcz District: Elders Vernon and Wilson (Zone Leaders) with Elders Allen and Harris (District Leader). 

Bydgoszcz Zone:  It was so good to meet with our missionaries in Bydgoszcz one last time for Zone Conference.  We had lots planned for this Conference, but first let me introduce the Districts:

Companionships worked together to find answers to questions like: "Find the quote regarding chewing gum while proselyting in the White handbook." (Actually, that is a hard question....it is 'hidden' on p. 42)

 Next item of business....Birthdays! The traditional 'Sto Lat' was sung as the cookies were passed out. Happy birthday to Elders Kotter, Godwin, Sister Lidtka, Elders Tufts, Sheley and Harris.
And now for an event the missionaries were wondering if we were going to continue....

Since we want to include every missionary on the Poland Warsaw Mission 'Tie Quilt', we had to cut their ties early.  We wanted to take something from them that we would remember (and they would remember).  We do give them something back in return ..  
Elder Allen and Elder Harris. (By the look on Elder Harris' face, I think President Nielson must have slipped with those scissors!)

The Bydgoszcz Zone holding up their 'donations'. What a great group of missionaries. We love each and every one of them. We will continue to pray for their success when we return home.

One of the Sister's from the mission wrote this song for President and his wife:

THE  "PRESIDENT AND SISTER NIELSON, WE LOVE YOU" SONG (sung to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

The Nielson's came to Poland with a call to serve the Lord.
Sister Nielson conquered buying food and then her spirits soared.
Once she wasn't feeling well, was found, and many blessings poured.
By us she is adored.

Who'Il remember all the birthdays?
Who will cut off ties and sweaters?
Who will blog our mission doings?
Sister Nielson's going home.

A mission president is like a business CEO
All the hard decisions come ... waiting to see what you will say
Will it prep the missionaries for their lives, foundations lay? 
YES, let's do it today.

Who will text us every morning?
Who will listen to the spirit?
Who will motivate and lead us?
The President's going home.

We love the Nielson's testimonies of the Mormon Book,
We appreciate their time with us, there's much that they forsook,
Now it's time to fly to Vegas ... there to at their family look,
Their grandkids need them too!

Who will get us at the airport?
Who will pray to know our area?
On what will we eat spaghetti?
The pottery's going home.

A BIG THANK YOU to our clever, clever Sister Hutchinson for this wonderful song! It brought tears to our eyes as our wonderful Missionaries sang it to us! We love our Missionaries, AND we love serving the Lord!

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