Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Czerwca 2013 Poniedziałek‏

Wow, where do I start with this week? Well, I can start with the baptism  Robert went into the waters of baptism this week and it was the greatest moment of my mission, one of the greatest in my life. I remember talking to Elder Allen and saying, "What are some cool things that have happened in your life?" And he said some cool things and I told him about senior year rugby in the playoffs vs Skyline and Tua yelling "Shawn, Shawn give me the ball give me the ball!" and I pass it to him and he kicks the game winning drop goal, and he is like "Oh that's cool." haha But not going to lie, seeing Robert baptized was better than that. He is such an amazing person I really cant explain it. He is such a blessing in my life as well as my mission. He invited his wife and his brother and they both came, it was incredible. Thursday, though, after his interview he comes out and said I passed! He goes and gives me a hug and I said, "You're ready." and he laughs and goes "You prepared me." Well, I look back at him and said "No you already were ready!" Yeah, that is a little cheesy but he seriously was so ready. He is going to be an amazing leader in Poland! But besides that on Monday for P-Day the Kagles took us out Go Carting with their son Kyle! ( Cartmen Voice ) and it was an absolute blast! I got the 4th fastest lap, lame :( but did the most laps had the most under 42 seconds and most winning laps and the best average by 2 seconds so Jeffro you should be proud!
But it was so much fun, the Kageles are an awesome family here and yes, Kelley Kagele I know your reading this and I know I spelled your name wrong, sorry. But so moving on to Tuesday, we had a good district meeting and the spirit was strong which is what makes it good!
Elder Vernon and I taught a little street lesson together and we worked really good together. I hope we serve with each other soon! I could use his Polish and missionary skills! Of course we met with Robert on Tuesday and it went well! Wednesday nothing too great happened as we were walking home by the river I talked to a guy in Polish about fishing for like 30 minutes, unfortunately he didn't really want to talk about the gospel, I tried but it was cool to talk about fishing. Man I miss that stuff! Thursday was the interview as you know went well. Friday lots and lots of contacting which are good days but nothing too cool happened. Saturday was the baptism and then Sunday I was in the circle when Robert received the Holy Ghost, talk about Spirit, wow. It was incredible, so great for that experience! He, meaning, Robert said the prayer in class, participated and everything he is Mormon! haha but also Sunday we were doing our nightly finding and teaching on the street but I guess the teaching part wasn't working for us. Nothing really going on til the last guy we talked to. Elder Allen kept saying "Hey, lets just sit by some one and talk." I laugh and point to this hooli ( soccer fan, crazy people ) and say "Let's go." We didn't sit by him because he had a drink but we talked and he listened, set up for today with us again, and we were way excited! It was so cool. Faith is all you need! 
Crazy to think I will be 20 on Wednesday, man i don't feel like I am 19, I was on my mission for all of it. so it's weird, I am excited though, should be fun. Um congrats Scott that"s crazy your married! I love you all and miss you all! Hope you enjoy this week and love the sun! I love this work and this gospel and all of you. I am so grateful for your support, have a good week!

Elder Harris

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