Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Poniedziałek 3 Czerwca 2013 Roku Obszar: Bydgoszcz‏ (Monday June 3, 2013 in the area of Bodgoszcz)

Helping the Keagelle's move
Cześć! Najpierw was Kocham tak bardzo! 

Okay so I will resend some of the pic's that I sent last week and some new ones if I have any. But how is everyone? I hope good! Things were a little slower this week, but so much fun I had blast and the spirit was strong. To start off, this morning we were going to Tesco a store here in Poland, to buy food and we are at the Tramwaj stop and there is this school class and the teacher says to this little boy Co robisz? ( what are you doing?) he said back Ta piosenka jest po angielsku ( the song is english) " we gonna light it up, likes it's dynamite saying hey oh darlin let's go"  haha so funny to see this little chubby kid start singing some random English song! maybe ya had to be here. Monday meaning last Monday we went to the Nike store! It finally opened up in Bydgoszcz! I was so excited it made my day, but every thing is so dang expensive like even the socks which is what I mainly want. It was still fun.
 Tuesday was a blast! We had district meeting again and it was really good! The district participated and we all learned so much from each other and the spirit was strong. Then we had the opportunity to go and meet with a less active old lady. Hahaha. She is what my mom would call  hoot! Never met a funnier old lady in my life. We call the domofon and she answers "Co!?" which is like what do you want type thing here, and I go misjonarze! she laughs and goes oh....się ma! which is like way slang for what up bro! haha it was great. She let us in ate some  polish salad with boiled eggs and fungis or something. I maned up and ate it. Of course Elder Allen loved it. He eats boiled egg nonesense every day, the smell is horrible! But we had an awesome lesson. We talked about faith and families and of course talked about my family. She was like you have so many brothers and sisters! then I explained why and she laughs and goes I bet Christmas and your birthday is nice? hahaha we just joked the whole time. Such a sweet funny old lady! been a member for like 15 years now! We were able to set up with Magda ( my polish crush ) but she flaked and won't answer :( to bad she was cute but, I dont care! Wednesday as for us all was weird. Crazy how fast time is flying. But I studied the plan of salvation in personal study and that plan brings peace to my heart, so good to know that this is not the end! we have more! I hope your all doing okay! One story sorry, but I remember we all went camping one weekend as a Harris family and Joel told me to go up to the cave and he will shoot me with the paintball gun and I said no, well of course the cave was high up. He says I will buy you Carl's Jr. then Tyler goes shoot Joel I will go up then. hahahaha. Oh good stuff. But yeah so Wednesday Tyler was in my thoughts, but it fueled me to work hard. Because of my family back home you guys. And it turned out to be a fantastic day. Next that day we had our English class, which I love to teach, it's fun, but its the same thing every week and have no idea how to make it fun. Elder Allen thinks it's the coolest thing ever so I just let him go! I am not good as English, so I let him do a lot. But some really cool stuff happened on Thursday! We had a meeting with Robert and it went way good! he is so ready and progressing to baptism, and then we went and helped the Kageles move and we got to wear normal cloths, which was way way weird, but nice at the same time. I will send a pic. Then we meet this little tiny old lady named Barbara who was so nice and was like hey I know you people I am tired and old, but want to talk with you later. So we set up and yeah she was just way funny, to bad she flaked, but it was still nice having some one say they want to talk to us. Then Friday it poured rain well like every day this week, but we went to find a former potential and we prayed that we could teach Monika that was her name we get there and she doesn't want to talk or anything which was lame, but then we go outside the next person we see has this little rat of a dog thing and so I say wow pięknego psa pani ma meaning beautiful dog the ma am has and then we start talking and sure enough she wants to meet gave us number and address as well as took a book. And yup her name was Monika pretty cool eh? so we have a meeting on Friday so I will keep you updated! Saturday we met with a former and we get there and says hey I don't want to talk religion and I am like uh...why are we meeting? he goes I am bored...okay so we are sitting there and talking about sports and come to find out not sure if this is true so can some body check for me, but Sebastian Janikowski is from Poland, born and everything and I guess he speaks polish cool huh? Raiders baby! but rather than that it was such a waste of time and he wouldn't let us go finally I pulled out the fake call and we got out, but he just wanted to talk, he was smoking and it was annoying. Then to end the week on Sunday Robert came late to church which is okay he was trying to get his wife to come, but was being a girl and didn't know what to wear so he came and he is all set for the baptism. Thursday is the interview then Saturday is the day! So so excited. It's going to be great. But yeah that was our week. Had a blast being here like always. But also all week I have been deeply studying my favorite chapter Enos in the Book of Mormon, and its so much fun to see the little hidden stuff! I recommend doing it! Well I love you all so much and am so grateful for you all. Hope all is good and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

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