Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

My Birthday breakfast that Elder Allen made
Wow one year ago I tricked my dad into going to church and he came! Time is really flying, I hit one year on the mission on Thursday. Kinda weird eh? thank you all for the birthday wishes it was awesome! I had lots of fun everyone took care of me here! My companion even made me breakfast! haha it was cool. Sister Kagele threw a little surprise party for me in our seminary class so that was way fun, Jasmin, our old investigator came and she gave me a sweet tie! but yeah were to start with this week, oh wait happy fathers day to all who are fathers ( yes you Derrick ) Love you Dad, Gabe, Dzia Dzia, and Papa! but yes so last week I was talking about a guy named Patryk and how cool he was and everything but he ended up flaking us on monday which was a really big bummer. He was cool and seemed sincere and just got to keep the faith and just maybe we can run into him again. Tuesday was the last dystryk meeting of the transfer so crazy that this transfer ends next week we get calls next Sunday! Elder Allen is a stud and been a joy to be around all transfer. My little boy is growing up :( just kidding he is an elder! But we had some cool contacts on Tuesday one we stopped a younger guy who worked construction and talked to him about happiness and what brings him happiness. he brought up families which was nice and we talked for awhile took a book but wouldn't exchange numbers...still i could see a good change in his life and it will just open it up for other missionaries! then i am starting to make Elder Allen contact on his own and he starts contacting a guy and the guy goes ( in a British or Welsh accent ) Okay i am going to have to stop you right there...I don't speak polish, and instantly Elder Allen goes neither do I! haha and then we start talking about the stars and stuff and it was a funny conversation and he goes well i am a proud practicing devoted atheist but i will think about this. and he left but it was hilarious! Uh Wednesday i finished my 20th year of life and had my little birthday surprises. then Thursday my little Allen taught a street lesson alone! it was sweet didn't help him at all! So proud of him! Friday went shopping with Sister Kagele and booth food for the BBQ tonight in the branch should be fun! Saturday went to Toruń and meet with a family in our ward and that was a blast i will send pics as a different email. but it was fun! this week was a stressful one but way good one! i was ready David and Goliath this week and I love verse 23 when it says David Heard him...fires me up recommend reading it! its a cool story for non religious people or religious people. but the whole time before verse 23 Goliath is talking big like he means something and then he comes in where David is and starts boasting and then David heard him it says meaning to me that he excepted the challenge and had little man syndrome come out. so cool! well everyone I love you and miss you have a good week!

Elder Harris

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