Monday, June 24, 2013

Poniedziałek 24 Czerwca 2013 Roku‏

Cze뜻 Wam!

So to start off with the big news; I will be leaving Bydgoszcz :( I am loving it here so I am sad but I will be finally serving in Warsaw, and I will be with Elder TIngey from my group and we are Zone Leaders! I leave Thursday and I get a nice 4 hour train ride...I hate trains not going to lie. But this week was awesome but sad at the same time. Monday after emailing we got home and the Mail Guy calls on our domophone and says "I have a package for you." So I go down to meet him and we meet in the Elevator and he give me this package and guess who it was from? Elder Bokinsky, what a stud! He sent me a little b-day package,
haha but the Mail guy asks why am I Starszy and all that so I tell him we talk, not to interested in the gospel but asks me where I am from says I have a funny accent but I speak beautiful polish, I say Utah and he goes "Oh the Utah Jazz they are the best!" I laugh and go "yup" and he says in Polish, of course, "I hate the effin Lakers." I try not to laugh "I go that's great well thanks for your time here is a card" haha. So funny, but hey we got some Jazz fans here in Poland who would have thought that. but the package from Bokinsky was a bunch of Candy and a sweet tie! He bought it for Easter and I was way jealous and would tease me all the time with it and he sent it! It was cool! I cant wait til he comes back! then we had Branch BBQ because the Nielsons are leaving :( it was fun and I think my mom already has it on facebook but i will teaching my little recent convert Adam how to throw a football. I go down to catch the ball and rip! my pants ripped again for the 3rd time! I was like geez! either i am a little husky boy or euro pants are to tight...lets go with the tight thing. but yeah that was embarrassing, but Brother Kagele drove me home. Then that night the Elders from Szczecin came in early for Zone Conference and Elder Mikolyski got to stay in my Apartment. I was so excited. We talked for like 3 hours, just talking about our missions and catching up. It was awesome, he is going to be a great friend when I get home.  Tuesday was one if not the most spiritual Zone Conference of my mission. It was our last time with President as well so that was really hard. But I didn't cry! so be proud. We cut our ties for them I cut my favorite tie that I call Rajderski! And they gave us really nice custom Poland Warsaw made temple ties. It's way pretty! I'm sure am going to miss them. They are awesome. We shook there hands at the door and then all of the sudden  Sister Nielson says ah I don't care I am hugging! so we all got to give Sister Nielson hugs. She is such an awesome lady. They both are awesome, I told President that I will see him every February when I go to Vegas for the rugby games. He told me you better or...then I cut him off before a mission President says something bad ;) but he is incredible, so sad to see him leave.
But Friday was fun we went and saw My Fair Lady in Polish for culture night that was cool never see it so it was something new but the highlight was our meeting with Anna Wilk. My Poland Grandma, she is so so so funny! we told her that I may be leaving and she says well you better come see me once more I will make time I promise! so today we are meeting with her. Sunday at church we have this member in Bydgoszcz named Jerzy and he totally is Dzia Dzia! he sounds like him and if Dzia Dzia Spoke polish then he would sound like jerzy, they speak the same and its so funny both blunt and yeah lets just say me and jerzy got a long good! so  I tought that was funny, then on our way home I see two girls with a flat tire looking at the tools like I would and so I offer to help and they were like please! so I changed there tire but they were in a hurry so we only gave them a card but it was still cool I had Tyler there with me the whole time! and I remembered what my dad said star pattern when putting on a new tie haha, but yeah then we waited for calls and when I got my call I was so shocked. I know I can do it. I am way excited for my next area to see Tingey  and by Adams ties and serve the lord. I love you all and miss you all! have a good week and will talk to you from Warszawa next week!

Elder Harris

 I'm melting like a toaster cheeser, it's so hot out here (from the movie The Sand Lot) 
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