Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Cześć Wam
Wow I am so big city struck right now you all have no idea! Being on my mission I am so used to little small towns and only two or three missionary companionship, but here in Warszawa wow! Big city, well nothing like New York but still and so many missionaries! Crazy Crazy stuff!  Monday was hard! We went to the Kageles and had one last dinner with them! they made some hamburgers even BBQ them that was so nice! tasted so good! I should see them again, they are in Warszawa a lot so I hope so at least. Then we went and had a meeting with Anna Wilk.
It was so sad we talked she gave me this big O thing of chocolate and she started crying she even said I was like her  4th son! It was sad, but she is an amazing lady! Gonna miss her! But you all have no idea how much food I ate on Monday! we ate with the Kageles and Anna! I felt so fat...which i am :( Tuesday it rained hard core like all day so nothing really going on, but had my last lesson with Robert.
We were able to get a hold of him. It was so exciting. I hope he can stay active and do good! Gonna miss him so much! But I trust my little old Elder Allen!
That was hard to leaving him I really liked him.  I even gave him the Tie! OH no the tie has been passed down! I told him if he doesn't train he needs to send it to me haha. I love that tie, but i felt the love when Elder Myler gave it to me so I hope he knows I like him! Then bam! Zone leader, I get into Warsaw and first thing we do is help everyone get on their trains and wow it was stressful! trying to remember where I am and yeah lets just say I was a little overwhelmed, but I was fine! it was so much fun seeing other missionaries and being able to help them! My zone is great I love being able to talk to multiple people so yeah I like it so far! We had two meetings one with Maciek he is an eternal who is a character I think Elder Bokinsky found him when he was here, but I  am not sure he is funny but just dosen't want to come to church! to bad I like him! then we met with our Baptismal date Oskar. He is 15 and so solid, he listens and agrees and just wants to learn. Really humble. Saturday it was finally back to work! we were on the streets all day talking and we had some good conversations, but nothing to great. Sunday!!! Was the best Sunday of my mission. First of all the chapel is a legit chapel, just shrunk. President Edgrin came to our branch and he speaks polish! He gave his talk in Polish it was so cool! Me and Elder Tingey ( Mom its Tingey...) had interviews with him and he is a great man I am so excited to serve with him, meaning Tingey and the New Mission President haha. I had to translate a little today for the first time in a long time...And I did it! Elder Hutchinson was so impressed, he is a senior missionary. He is so funny really really like him and his wife, they were with me in Kato for a month or so. Then we were able to see the world wide training! It was so good! I hope you all watched it and don't you dare let them missionaries go hungry! help them. It's hard work of course, but so worth it, but it's the lords work. And we are his servants not just me but all of you! I love and miss you all have a good week!

Love Elder Harris

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