Monday, July 22, 2013

What an awesome week!

Cześć Rodzino!

So sorry I failed to take pictures this's so hard to remember to take pics sometimes. But this week for lack of a good word was wonderful. But it was so so good! nothing better than Polish food, other than the fact that they don't have Mac and Cheese, could you imagine being a little kid and never having Mac and Cheese? Please I cant. But it's some good stuff. Also this week we were heavenly preparing Oskar for baptism!
First thing is we went to the Rynek on Monday again to hang out with the others and we had Zapiecek which is the Pirogi place. We went to my first day in Poland Dzięki Darkowi Mylerowi.
which was incredible! He was so ready and loves everything we tell him. He is like I said a young Robert, feel so blessed to have helped prepare two amazing people. His baptism was awesome it was in an actual font, in Warsaw, we have a legit chapel and a real baptismal font so we did it there! That was cool on it's own. Sunday when we confirmed him we had a member Named Bogdon do it. He looks like Ben ( My Uncle Ben czyli Gabe's brother..) so many Ben's in my life. He is a strong wheeled old Mormon Polish man. He fasted for this and gave the craziest blessing every. Me and Elder Tiney looked at each other after it and said did you catch that? maybe half. He went so deep, but it was really cool. On Tuesday we helped President and sister Edgren out with interviews of the missionaries in our district and got to talk to them a little, they are amazing people! so lucky to have them here with us. Then Thursday, no Friday we helped a member throw away old furniture and that was a blast, we got to wear normal cloths again and shorts in public that was weird but felt nice! sorry no pics of it only videos which are to big to send. I wore a Yankees shirt and my white nike socks. haha! if anyone cares. The most spiritual this week was Saturday. Not only the beautiful service, but we had a fireside after words and Elders Dopp and Cieślak did a musical number and they sang in Polish Abid with me  and it was awesome. Never felt the spirit so strong through a song, lucky Elder Saltmarsh was there to hold back my tears. I am really starting to love music, and on Sunday we watched the work of salvation again. I love the segment when they show all the missionaries and they sing I hope they call me on a mission, because it reminds me of my Nana rocking me on the rocking chair sining that to me. Then they did Army of Helaman. iI am so proud of this work and couldn't ask to be anywhere better. I love my mission and I love this gospel, it's true. I love you all and miss you all. Hope all is good! I live right by the mission office, so I get mail every opportunities every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday so please take advantage! Send stuff to mission home address my mom you should already have it check my blog! and Dear Elders are free for us here so you can still send those so Proszę Bardzo! Tęsknię za wami z całego serca! ( Please! I miss you with all my heart!)

Z miłością (with love,)
Starszy Shawn Misiek Harris  

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