Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

cześć wam! 

This week wasn't to magnificent, but we had lots of miracles happen like always! To start off with Monday we went to the Rynek or Old Town for a little while waiting for the sisters. I took lots of pics, but I will be sending this memory card home soon so then mom you can put all the pics you want up. Rynek is so pretty as you can see.( hopefully you can see) Then we went up Stallions Tower, like I said last week and that was cool. 15 Zlots to go up and see which was kinda lame, but hey it was a neat experience! We were with Sister Howells and her trainee Sister Ott. They are both awesome missionaries! Tuesday was my first time teaching the zone stuff....uh...yeah we did a good job, didn't share enough of what we were supposed to though it was bad communication on our part with the APS, but what we did share went amazing. How it works is you do half the zone one day and the other half the next day. But first it was here in Warsawa and then after that Maciej. One of our old investigators had a bad run in with one of our missionary here which is lame story that is not important, but he thinks we are wasting our time here and yeah he was just yelling at us and being dumb about it, but the whole time I am thinking I am so glad I already know  that the church is true. I love it so much and the miracle awaits. We met with Oskar our baptizmal date that I got transferred into. He is so ready. On Wednesday after being in Łódź for Zone Training we met with his mom and she said she first wanted to come to church..Proszę Bardzo.  She came and 5 minutes after sacrament meeting she said it was okay. So we will be baptized him on Saturday! It's incredible how prepared he was. Reminds me of Robert. Man I miss him, hope he is doing well in Bydgoszcz. While in Łódź I found hannahs friend Brykels grandparents they are so so so nice! Nothing else really happened. Just enjoying and working hard. I am loving  the Conference addition of the Ensign. I recommend you all to read it and study it, it has good things for members and for non members. I love and miss you all. Sorry it's short, but have a good week! Miracles are every where and the lord is waiting to help and bless us look for it and has the courage to ask!

Elder Harris

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