Monday, July 29, 2013

Another great week.

Cześć Wam,

Boy! where do I start with this week. I would like to start off by saying I love you all, I was reading President Monson's talk from last conference during priesthood session and he said something that I really loved. First though I think it ties to you all, even though your not active or maybe not even a member, but I consider all who is reading this apart of my family. He said "A mission is a family affair.." why I liked that is because you guys are my strength to and my excitement. I am working here, but we all sacrificed something for me to be here. Rather it be me as your son, brother, grandson, friend or nephew even cousin, you all are supporting me, and I am so grateful for that.
 This week was really cool. First it started of playing rugby with the other elders! Elder Żeleźniak is from Australia and he plays rugby in a  league so we have been waiting to be in the same city so we can play and we finally got to! It was nice to throw the ball around. We had the Elders doing ball drills, 7's scrums and line outs. We played touch. Everyone was lost, but it was still way way fun. We then had an exchange Monday through Wednesday with Elders from Łódź. It was so much fun.
I was with Elder Caskey and he was trained by Elder Tingey, so I heard a lot about him. He was so much fun. There are a lot of pigeons here in Poland and Elder Myler taught me that if you throw up your keys in the air  the pigeons all scatter and it works, so I was showing him and well lets just say I shouldn't play Quarter Back haha. I got them stuck on a ruff by the tramwaj stop. I had Elder Caskey standing on my back and he climbed up there with all the bird poo and got the keys down. Funny stuff. Go Elder Harris. We had a white board which is a finding activity with the sisters and I met a guy who told me that this meeting was a privilege and was planned in heaven. So yeah we have a meeting with him on Tuesday. I am really excited his name is Janek. We are getting Oskar his recent convert lessons going, and we decided to have them be taught by different families in the branch and for the lesson on the Restoration we went to Bogdan's house and he has the cutest girls. They never smile, but I always get them to smile. That family is such a good example of a family in the church. The meeting went well and even on Sunday, Oskar received the priesthood which was way cool. It's crazy how fast he is progressing. He is loving it all. He will be giving everyone in his family a book this month while he is on vacation. Saturday we had a baptism in the 2nd branch and I love baptisms they are always so spiritual and it's why we are here. It went really good. Elder Saltmarsh did a very good job of getting all together. But yeah this week was good. Everything is good, stressful. I am tired but couldn't ask for anything else right now. I really am loving the mission and what i'ts teaching me. I still love my sports, but I have never felt more joy then serving among the Polish People, my assessors or however you spell it. I love you and miss you all. Have fun and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

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