Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Cześć Wam!

This week was a great week here in Poland! But happy 4th of July a little late sorry, I forgot. If you didn't know they don't celebrate that Holiday here.....weird huh! I love the 4th it's camping and being outside with hot dogs! I  was in a meeting with President eating subway haha, but  on Thursday we had Zone Leader council and missionary leader council, I think that's  the correct title. We have 3 zones so each zone obviously has Zone Leaders and Sister traveling trainers they are Sister Zone Leaders pretty much! And it's tradition to get subway, so that was really really yummy. To start off this week we went to the tie store that every Poland missionary raves about it, not sure if I already told you guys or not but it's cool. It's just a little factory with a million ties and we get them for like 9 america dollars and they are the sweetest ties every so if you want one tell me color and I will see what I can do! 
So p-day was more of getting ready and getting used to the area. Today we will be going to Stallions Tower so that should be really fun. I will take lots of pic's, don't worry mom. Wednesday we had a really fun meeting with the Elders from Żoliborz with an active family. We had some really good food and talked about missionary work with them and one of them is really excited to help. He is the young men's president and we well I  kinda got transferred into a baptismal date named Oskar, he is 15 and so ready. We taught him Law of Chasity! haha he liked it so it was easy.  He is so ready to be baptized and the member named Dominik really wants to help with him so that was good. Also on Thursday I got to see Elder Wilson, Neuner and Vernon all from my group so that was way sweet! good meeting and I got my b-day packages they are the best.  Thank you so much! But honestly nothing to exciting going here. Love my mission. Miss you all but, I have work to do here. The church is true. I see miracles every day on the streets of Poland. Be safe and always remember that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ love us. Individual. Peace is attainable in this life when we rely on God we can't make world peace, but we can do our best to be at peace and love others love you and miss you!

Love Elder Harris

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