Monday, September 2, 2013

Staying in Warsaw

Cześć Rodzinie! 
Well to be honest this week was really slow do to the fact that I was in side all week, but still way fun. Elder Tingey was sick from Monday to Wednesday and a little bit on Thursday, but we were planning on going out and working because we both were so so bored. At lunch time while I am busy in the Bathroom, Elder Tingey gets a phone call from President and I know it's President because he always has a special ringtone, and my first thought is? oh yeah baby, he is AP! because its my groups "turn" to be AP. He gets off the phone and looks at me all pale. Tingey you AP? and he goes no I am going to Lublin as Branch President! super cool!
Of course, we were bummed to leave each other because we thought we would be together again, but the lord needs him else where. Thursday he packed and we went and said bye to Oskar and Bogdans Family. Friday he was off. Crazy! just like that. So I went with Ochota which is Warsaw 2 and I am Warsaw 1 branch, but it was an easier exchange so I have been with them all weekend and Elder Saltmarsh who you all know I love. He is acutely sick...lame but we still were productive. Me and his trainee cleaned and his companion is hilarious absolutely the funniest. It turned out to be a fairly good week even thought I was stuck inside. Us three had a good talk about Families and how similar ours are and how they have been blessed. Sunday though was transfer calls. President Nielson did it from 8 at night  and  President Edgrin said he would do the same, so I am reading my BOM and then I hear the Darth Vader Theme song and a Yankees sign (That shows up telling me its President Edgrin) at like 2 o'clock. I answer and sure enough he wanted to start calling people early so I get my call early and he says I will be with Elder Stumpt who is straight up out of Germany, and speaks the best English in the world! and is 6 foot 5....y'all know what that means? We are opposite. He is 6 foot 5 and I am 5 foot 6 haha.  He served with Elder Wier and they had fun sounded like, so I am way excited. We will be here in the same area being Zone Leaders! So yeah transfers are over and I will be in Warsaw still. I am so ready for this next transfer being in church one of our African members who was baptized in Africa was asking why is okay for members to wear a blue shirt and pass the sacrament and stuff. He says why is Poland an exception, granted that's not a written rule, but it opened my eyes. I am teaching the same work as Big A in Georgia Tua in Phillipines, Riley Emch, Jaussi Preston in South America and Harvey in Florida and so on and they baptize...why is Poland the exception? it's not! I am so pumped and ready. This is going to be great. Things are happening. I am sorry for only one picture this week. I will have more next week! Love you all and miss you all! Be safe and talk to you later!

Elder Harris

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