Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Week

Cześć Rodzino i Koledzy! 
przepraszam najmocniej ale będą zdjęć dziś, z tego powodu że nie mam aparatu swojego przy sobie! to szkoda tak? 

Yeah sorry no pics this week, Elder Tiner had to borrow my camera, but next week multiple's for sure! this week was really fun and such a weird powerful weekend. Side note, Purple Rain is playing in the internet cafe that I am at....haha.  I took Elder Stumpf to Adams ( the Tie shop ) for his first time and as expected he bought a whole bunch and I warned him how stressful it is, but he didn't believe me until he got there and was like was funny.  It's always fun to go look at all the ties. If anyone wants one let me know we plan on going next month! Tuesday was Zone Training. Me and Elder Stumpfs first time together. It went really well. The spirit was felt and we set some amazing goals. I set a personal one with the AP's to talk slower in both Polish and English, so sorry Lauren can't be the auctioneer anymore :( if I complete the goal of course! We also went down to Łódź on Wednesday to teach them the Zone training and it was great. The Lloyd's, the senior couple as always made us food, it was the best homemade bread ever! so good and warm! plus bread sucks here in Poland. It tasted 10 times better. Thursday we did the Warsaw Slam again meaning that all of us missionaries contacted the crap out of the Centrum of Warsaw. It was lots of fun and pretty successful on our part. Here comes in the awesome weekend. Friday we had a meeting with Oskar. We go to the church waited and Dominik is there and he is the Young men's or in our case young man president and me and him just talked about his life for like 25 minutes. It was such a blessing to be able to do that. He really opened up to me and I was able to help him, my calling is awesome it honestly has power behind it. Meeting with Oskar always is great he wants to serve a mission and we are working on a 10 day mini mission for him soon, hopefully. He even did a white board with us on Sunday! he is so cool! kind of a Mormon geek now, but it's okay! Saturday two miracles happened one a 17 year old kid called and asked for a book so we met with him and he said he is searching, bam found it! but he was a honest kid looking for his own path. It's really good meeting with the younger ones because they will listen. Also got a call from Bydgoszcz about Robert. He text  them and told them to tell me that his wife had their baby and he is a healthy boy named Maksymilian. Amazing think about it. He sees his son and then looks at him and remembers me somewhere during that time and then he even told the missionaries that he will make time to meet them soon!!!! prayers are answered! never felt so humble in my life after that call. So really it was a good week got some new people who should turn in to investigators soon. well time is going short. Love you all remember that always! thanks for your love and support! The church is true!

Elder Harris

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