Monday, September 23, 2013

Cześć Rodzino i Koledzy! 

So I got my camera back so I have pictures!
The one with multiple missionaries is of the Warsaw Slam we did a couple weeks ago that was my group! it was pretty fun, but really hard to take a pic so I am pretty proud of my self. I finally have one of me and my companion,
yes he is a giant over me, it's funny if you seen us tracking ( yes missionaries still do that) it's like complete opposites.  To start of the week we had to fix our toilet seat. So I guess before I got there it  was already broke and Elder Raines fixed it with tape ( you know what Nana says if duck tape won't fix it it ain't worth fixin ) but it broke and yes it's worth fixing, so I went out and bought a really nice wooden seat and let's just have to say we have the nicest toilet in the mission.  It was a funny way to start off the week. Tuesday we had a special training with president and it was great! really broke it down for us what we need to do as leaders of this mission. He is such a great leader and this mission is going so good! also started my exchange on Tuesday with Jespersen he is the new elder on ochota, Elder Saltmarshes replacement. It was fun, he is a great missionary and I am grateful I got to learn from him. We went tracking and well it was really good got a couple invite backs and some numbers. Thursday we did another musical fireside and it was good really productive and at this time I am back with Stumpf. But some catholic lady came up to Sister Howell's and was asking questions then Sister Howell's walks away so I go see whats going on the crazy lady grabs me then starts yelling at me saying I am a sinner for being Mormon, so I kindly bare testimony in my nice Elder Harris way and she keeps going, so finally I am able to get her to shut up and leave, she made Sister Howells cry and she was just really really mean. But it's alright. Met some really cool people during that day,so  that really help you understand that you are here for something. Friday met with Oskar and Enrique and Oskar is golden, but Enrique was a big surprises hasn't been showing lots of emotion as of lately, but he opened up and told us he believes this church is true so the 12 of October we are planning on his baptism! it's really fun teaching him. Me and stumpf say we have our Mexico mission experience. Then on Saturday got a package from Momma Saltmarsh meaning Elder Saltmarshes mom sent me a package full of candy and stuff and that was way cool! how nice of her. I got a call sSunday morning from Elder Jensen saying that Utah won, so I wore my black and red tie all day! Sorry this is shortish, but I am running out of time.
Oh my gosh! almost forgot me and Elder Stumpf found Nike street yeah Nike street while contacting coolest street ever right? but I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Harris

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