Monday, September 30, 2013

Well Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty good. We started out with going to a Museum. Yes, I Elder Harris went to a museum, it was the Warsaw Uprising museum, pretty cool, it was about how the Poles took a stand against the Germans and tried to fight for them selves. Its a very proud day in Poland's history. stay strong!

It was really cool. Also we did another exchange. I was with Elder Anderson sorry the pic look funny you all know I suck at pics. It was really a fun exchange he is still fairly new, only been here about 3 months, so it was fun to work with him. Way big into the military grew up with his dad as member of our military so it was cool to kinda have someone with Hayden like with knowledge to talk to me about Guns and stuff that I have no idea about, but it was sweet. He wants to be a Marine. Wednesday after the exchange we did a white board with President Edgren and his minions meaning AP's. Yes! President Edgrin came out and contacted with us. We did a white board and had a picture of Robert Lewandowski how is a soccer player here the Polish President, Micheal Jordan, Leon Messie, and President Thomas S. Monson, and asked people if they new these people. And to be honest it was way successful. We passed out like 10 books, got 8 phone numbers, and 7 street lessons in 1 and a half hours. It rocked. Me and President actually had a street lesson together so that was actually really cool. Thursday Elder Stumpf was sick so we stayed in and while he slept, I made a soft cover book of Mormon in polish and started reading it in polish and not going to lie i understand it all, so i pretty much only read the Book of Mormon in Polish except for the English I am working on and going to send home. so it's been really fun reading in a different language you get different things out of it. We meet with Enrique and he is doing good dropped the bomb on him on Sunday about Law of Chasity and yeah took it good so hopefully he can get an answer form God about it. He really is a great guy and so much fun to teach. As always still working with Oskar doing good getting ready to serve a mini mission in February. Hopefully. So we are excited for that. He is awesome. But, yeah nothing else to exciting really happened. The spirit has been strong lately so that's a plus. It's getting really cold, been wearing coats and stuff it's been raining and stuff. I am  really having a good time. Miss you all and love you all! Be safe,

Elder Harris

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