Monday, September 9, 2013

Cześć Wam!

 So I have been getting asked for pictures of my companion and I standing next to each other since he is 6 foot 5 and I am 5 foot 6, but sorry we didn't really have time to take one together. him in the forest.
 This week started out really cool.
Pday we went to the Harley Davidson store and it turned our to be way cool. Got to talk to the Harley Lady and invited her to English. Also its really funny to see the Harley People because they are the same kind of Harley people in the states just speak Polish its hilarious! wish I could explain it better.  Also we were at the mall during Pday and we bought some Nike socks and I was talking to the lady about how I wished Poland had a certain kinda of socks. (yes only would care to talk to someone about that) and she  asked who we are? and boom! talked to the Lady in the Nike store about who we are why the Book of Mormon is so important and gave her only a flyer, but still it was super cool to do missionary work in the Nike store!  Tuesday we did a cool thing we called the Warsaw slam meaning that we all went out to busy areas at 7 in the morning till 9 meaning every missionary in Warsaw and we contacted had whiteboards, free tables and fun things like that. We did it at 5 in the evenin till about 7. It was way fun. We are really looking for business men so hopefully something comes of it. Sadly also on Tuesday my three some ended. Me, Saltmarsh and Swicegood took a pic with our matching ties.
We were only together for like 5 days, but still was way fun. and Saltmarsh is going to Bydgoszcz lucky! and Swicegood to Gdańsk lucky again my two favorite cities!

 I did meet my new comp on Tuesday and yes he is tall and he is from Germany, but has the best accent ever. He doesn't sound like a foreigner at all. He sounds "normal" such a cool guy. Already we are getting along and he is so humbling to teach with, it just works. On Wednesday we helped some Elders at the train station and unfortunately it could have been the last time in a while that i see  Elder Zelezniak :( he is going down to Kraków and that's not in my zone and he goes home in like 6 months so we will see. He is a stud though. He is teaching me Tongan! Not going very good, but I can say hi how are you? and I can answer good! so yeah it's a start. Also meet with Oskar and he invited one of his friends who is interested and he is sweet his name is Janusz so things are picking up here. Also Henrique is progressing to Baptism really really good so faith is paying off. Sunday was a cool day , first Oskar passed the sacrament for the first time and that was an amazing experience. So proud of him and how  far he has progressed. He is the best. As we went tracking, yes missionaries still tracked  here in Poland, but we had a good experience. No let in's, but everyone was super nice. So it was way fun, and me and Elder  Stumpf got to talk so that was cool. We have Zone training tomorrow and Wednesday. We are excited for that. Things are looking really good. We have a goal for 4 baptisms so everyone keep me accountable for them! hope your all doing good love you all and miss ya but have fun talk to you next week!
 Wszystkiego Najlepszego! This means: Happy Birthday!

Z Miłością od Tego Człowieka, Którego nazywacie Starszy Harris :)
This means: Love form the man you call Elder Harris

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