Monday, December 16, 2013

Boom. Cześć Wam!
" Jest coś nieprzewidywalnego, ale w końcu warto jest. Mam Nadzieję że będzie najlepszy okres w twoim życiu...."

Been listening to old talks this week and President Monson said something that really struck me.."The Lord saved his strongest children for the final inning." what a powerful statement. In a way we are all closing pitchers. we are that important. been also do some studies on The Prophet Thomas S. Monson we watched his movie on the lords errand this week and he is really famous for listening to promptings and in his movie he said that he wants the lord to know that if there is an errand to be ran Tom Monson will do it. Well i want the same. I have had my faire share of chances this week and i saw the lords hand in this work. Monday we went around after Pday and passed out food baskets to members in need. no one in our area need help. but the sisters had like 4 so i flet prompted to ask if i can go over to Ania Śliwas house. SO they said yeah sure. Me and Elder Hubbard go over and well it was a great experience. She was taught by my MTC teacher Brat Hughes, who made a huge impact on me so it was a blessing to talk to one of his converts. we talked about him the whole time. She was so grateful that we came over. She is like thanks for bringing the spirit of the priesthood in our house. it was a blessing for sure. I also got to translate for her during her branch president interview so me and her are becoming friends. Another one was on saturday we had our branch christmas party and we got to ride in a taxi me and hubbard and take back tables to our chapel becuase we had the party at warsaw 1 chapel. and the taxi driver recieved a joseph smith pamplet from a member on the way up and so he told me that. So when we got into the car we were able to talk with him. I started by asking since your polish you like soccer? which turned into do you kids play and what does your family mean to you? and well we talked the whole time about families, God and it was a good fun convorsation. he told me he was stubborn so i was worried how do i give this man a Book of Mormon. at the end of the job i thanked him and then said hey i know your stubborn but this will bless you so  much , its free i hope you will read it. he said ok i trust you, i will completely read it and maybe we can talk. I get that alot from people but it was a blessing to see his life change because of what i told him. true blessing. but back to the party it was fun a recent convert named Tadeusz who me and hubbard have been working with came with his mom. he is a sweet story. was taught and after his missionary left was kinda lost. came to church but didnt look happy. so when i transfered in i knew al ot of him and have been really keep an eye on him from my zone leader point. and took him. i have never seen such a bigger change in someones life. he is a stud. he loves the gospel and is preapring for the melchezadek or however you spell priesthood. Also one other member who i am getting close with is Elder Saltmarshes Recent convert. or course they are the lords recent converts but you know what i mean. He is in the branch presidency and we like to tease each other and joke around. its fun but he invited friends to church and asked me to help them around. He told them that i am the best missionary and his best friend. so really the mission is the best. i keep rambling on and not really connectin stories but just so much goes on. also went to the Tokarz family for dinner with sister packard. she has been working with this family but there non member son loves elder hubbard so we got invited over. we teach him on sundays but doesnt really seem to progress. super funny though. always trys to use english idioms and they are funny. but really this week has been great. really is getting real though sister packard goes home so that means i only have 6 months left. where does time go?? but i am truley grateful for the savior and the little merices that are tender in our lives. he truely does love us. I love you all be safe and have fun!

Elder Harris

If i don't get to email you guys next week Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

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