Monday, December 9, 2013

Cześć Rodzino Moja,
So first off the pics are lame,

but the first is me in the snow because it's been snowing this week, the next is me and Stumpf, I said "hey lets take a pic and just like we used to teach insynk" we did a funny face. just goes to show ya ;) but then the next is me an Oskar! also more pics to be posted on my blog by my mom I am going to send them to my mom because I need to forward them from Michał he is an investigator that just got baptized on Saturday by the district leader companionship. So I can start with that. 
Michał is a cool story. He was getting contacted by the missionaries on the street frequently, but then next had time and always promised that when he had time he would call, so he did. and well he was prepared by the lord. It's been cool to get to know him, although I didn't teach him it was cool to be able to talk to him on Sundays and get to know him. He is a great young guy who is the going to do wonders in life in the church. So that was Saturday for us. Friday was taken up by the Young women's in Excellence thing, we were there because I was able to translate it into Polish because the leaders are Americans. It was a struggle at first, but got it done. It was really fun too! Thursday had a little miracle. We had along cold day and didn't really know what to do. We had to meet the office Elders at the train station to sign a paper for Elder Hubbard's package, and we go pee, and he is like hey lets go buy me a new beanie. okay, sure...and we go to Vans store. I am looking around as he is paying because I make him do stuff solo so he learns and then the girl in vans the worker is ringing him up and she speaks English to him and they start talking and English he jumps right into who we are and she gets a little interested. We pretty much taught a girl half a first lesson in the vans store, but she had to leave to grab something because she was working, so no number or book but we gave her a card. We were jamming out to Lil Wayne, but the spirit was felt as we boreour testimony to her in Polish. By the way about the Book or Mormon is way cool.  Wednesday we had a really good training with prezydent and the APS they did an awesome job about the spirit in teaching. Learned so much and was blessed to be able to use this week. Really that was our week. Not to many lessons though still looking, but hey we are blessed. I am reading the Book of Mormon again. November 24 to Feburary 14 is my goal and I was reading 2 Nephi 7:8 and really liked it, it hit me hard because I have a testimony...who can contend against me? I have the power of the Holy Ghost with me. bring on the challenges. Also Elder Hubbard shared 3 Nephi 8 with me and it's talking about how it was so dark when Jesus died there on the American contents that not even a fire could be lite. Makes me think of of my mom when she would send us to our room and I was lay on my bed and play game boy so then she would send me to the bathroom to sit on the toilet for time out. If God wants it dark it will be dark, we can't fight it. I just love how he is always having to humble the Nephites, I am grateful he humbles us because I need it. Well I love you! Next week we will talk. Be safe!

Love Elder Harris

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