Monday, December 30, 2013

Cześć Moja Droga Rodzino!
Well to start off i hope you all had a good christmas. I loved that i was able to talk to some of you. Crazy that christams has already come and past. Czas Leci. My trianer is already married, My sister is but anyways this week was a litlte ruff. Monday was a normal pday i was able to pick up my suit from the taylor and it looks really good. its just a soild black but in couplt other emails i will send pics of it and stuff. Well just did. But tuesday was zone confrence. It was way good. We were able to watch the 1st presidency fireside, which was really good, totally going to those when i get home. We also got the night off so we went back to our apartment and then to the chapel to play games. we were going to do midnight mas at one of the catholic cathidrols but really i didnt want to, because one i wanted to sleep in, and two sounds boring. but we planned on going until we found out that the metro (subway) wasnt running at the time or the tramwaj(kinda like trax) wasnt running and didnt want to walk home. so we went to bed. then christmas morning was sweet the Senior Couple the Jensens had us over to the chapel and they made us breakfast. Pancakes bacon and eggs. it was so good, havent had good food in a while ( Nana i want biscuts and gravey when i get home. ) And then we spent all day long at the warsaw 1 chapel with other missionaries. It was fun, we played basketball, capture the flag outside because it was still really warm. No snow, so no white christmas. Waited untill the families called and yeah, that was christmas. We didnt get invited over to a members home becuase their main christmas in christmas eve or Wigilia, and we had zone confrenece. So that really sucked but its okay still had a great christmas. Thursday we all got invited over to a members home, his name is Denis and is from Kongo. He is african and the funniest man alive. He made us FOO-FOO. thats the picture, but its like some weird rice thing and you use your hands to eat and dip it in fat and well it was rather good. He says everyone in africa eats it like 3 or 4 times a week. its just what they do. and africans eat fast because of all the wars, and they have a saying when you see someone running and they look back means that they are thinking about the FOO-FOO he left behind. It was so funny, he is the biggest spaz ever. but so so funny. He always has us fix the FOO-FOO so we can teach our wives. So i will make it when i get home, and Elder Blom filmed the whole thing. So when i send stuff home again i will be sending a memor card. its full. but then on friday me and Elder Hubbard wore matching ties to show our gayness i guess you could say, he has cherries on his and i have strawberries so yeah enjoy that pic. Then saturday was really really cool, we had interviews at our apartment with Presdent Edgren and what do you know Sister Edgren made me cookeis! i am so spoiled, but they were way good. Peanut butter! Then one of our members called and asked me to teach his sons how to play rugby because they got a ball for christams so on saturday i taught 2 polish kids how to play rugby. Its weird one doing it in Polish and two teaching soccer players. but it turned out to be way fun. So that was our week. It was a hard week no one would listen taught one lesson, but it was a good street lesson to a man named Paweł, didnt get his number but it was one of those seed planting contacts that i know will go somewhere. But i was able to really focus on the spirit this week and it paid off, i am grateful for this mission and well this gospel, love you and miss you all. Be safe have a good week!
Naprzód do Zwycięstwa! Zawsze Siły! haha
Elder Harris

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