Monday, December 2, 2013

So November is gone...that's cool. Crazy how fast time is flying. This week though was a normal week what can I  say. Ups and downs and of course fun and hard times. Thats life right? This week Elder Hubbard has made me start a diet. He is really into body building and eating healthy so we only eat chicken, rice, eggs and sandwiches. smacznego życzę sobie. Really it's not to bad. I like it so I might live. Unfortunately the chicken in Poland goes bad really fast...don't ask why, but it does and Elder Hubbard didn't believe me, so it went  bad and we wasted like 15 bucks. Oh well, we have a better plan for this week so be prepared I may come back really hot and slender... just saying. Wednesday was a hard day. We got flaked once again and then we went to the chapel to meet with a English student of Elder and Sister Jensen, but he said maybe next we were a little bummed because we wanted to meet with him because we met him at the Fall Festival last week and he was really cool. Thursday is the question you all have. Święto Dziękczynienia. It was way fun. We were blessed, meaning all of us missionaries to be invited over to an American families home and to feed us. I sent you all a bunch of pics and I have some here and one more on the way. so enjoy! but it was so cool to be around a family and see little kids run around. It's a true blessing to have been around all my sibling all my life, it's hard being the oldest sometimes, but I love little kids so really it works out for me. Friday was crazy had an experience with a member helping him clean. Seeing peoples places here is humbling. Its not like Mexico, shake bad or living in a tent in Africa, but honestly seeing the places I have seen and how people have nothing is so humbling. I walk around in a warm coat and shoes saying  "dang I want hot chocolate," and they have none of that. It was a joy being able to help a member who is always willing to help us.  We had a really good meeting with a lady name Maria who like I said last week turns out to be the Sisters investigator.  We set up with her and we invited her to be baptized after a really good lesson and she goes," well yeah for sure". So hopefully the Sisters act on it which I know they will. So that was cool. Saturday we did a whiteboard with President Edgren. He  called me Friday night and said I miss Elder Harris, when are we doing a whiteboard, so I set one up. It was cold, but way fun! Also got a message from a less active who is studying with the JDubs and he told me it's time for me to take the sacrament. He came to church and it was a powerful sacrament meeting, it was a fast and testimony and these polish members are powerful people. Makes me proud to be Polish. I sat by the less active Jarosław and he sang every song by memory and then we sang I know that my Redeemer lives, and he started chocking up told me after that he needs to find truth again. So we should be going over Saturday, but he is a pioneer of Mormons in Poland. I hope it pays off. then I was fasting this week for a new investigator because as of right now we have none. Nothing. So for the past month we have a "member" who loves talking to Elder Hubbard, and come to find out he is not a member he was not baptized with his family, but now he is interested. He has to asked to met. Boom prayed answered, but yeah it was a good week we also met with one of the coolest members named Marcin ( pic of me hubbard and him ) and well it was fun, fun week,. fun mission. Things here are good! I Love you all and miss you all. hope things are good and you all are safe. Would love some pics, and letters! have a good week! I pray for you all!
Elder Harris



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