Monday, December 23, 2013

Wesołych Świąt Rodzinie.

Well funny story to start off the email. Sister Edgren is the best cookie maker ever. Of course besides nana, nyleen, Krisy and, mom ;) but she makes really really good cookies. So when i was a zone leader, we always got them being at the Meetings and stuff and i always would tell her to make me some as a joke, but as we all know in every joke is some truth. haha. but so on saturday we had a baptism which was so so amazing. His name is Lajos. Elders Neuner and Wilson in my group were teaching him, and he is so cool. He loves music so for his baptism he made a choir out of us missionaries. Yes i sang and didnt ruin it. But we sang come all ye faithful in English then he sang it with his amazing voice in Hunagarien because thats where he is from, then next one in latin, and we finished again in English. Every verse was the first verse. but we had some really cool humming things and yeah....was the spirit strong. Members where in tears and Lajos got up to sing in his whites.....boom of the spirit....dont know how to explain it. Elder Hubbard got a recording of it so i will send it with my memory card later and mom you can put it up somewhere. but back to my story, sorry but i told sister edgren how she needs to make oatmeal butter scotch cookies. so saturday at the baptism she goes Elder Harris come here...i go okay great what did i do know and she says reach in my bag and i see this little bag and boom! My cookies, President was telling me that she comes from up stairs one afternoon with butterscotches and he says what are those for? she laughs and goes Elder Harris. so she made me bunch of cookies. greatest thing ever right? but now the funny part. She put it in a tupper ware. And i text her and tell her that her tup-a-wear is clean and that i would bring it to church. she laughs because of course i spelt it i am so dumb sometimes but it was a good laugh. so back to the song. Elder Jensen who is the branch president here and a senior couple asked us to sing it at church the next day and i will tell you what...was the spirit strong at church today. Our investigator also came to church today. He is Michał his family are members but he is not and well abit of a turd but fun to be around, but he came in a nice shirt for once. we taught him after church, and it is really hard to keep him focused...but after a little Elder Harris he was able to focus and the spirit was there. thats our problem with him is he doesnt understand the spirit. but a great guy. Also this week we did culture night and went go carting it was way fun i lost but the whole time me and Elder Jespersen were joking around so it was fun. Also Friday was the big day. i finished my sister mission. Flip Czas Leci!! but me wilson and neuner went to dinner, it was cool to really see how far we have come. its humbling for sure. also thursday Sister Packard in my group went home. thats weird, me her and baranowksi were pretty much comps in the mtc. but as you can see it was a good week. sorry its all over the place. Elder Hubbard got a package with these sweet hats with our names on it matching ties and pants from his girlfriend. was super cool. so hope you all like that pic! but everyone i love and miss you all. Have a merry christmas, i will have for sure. Remember that our lord loves you no matter who you are, and be safe. watch some football for me, eat some turkey and have fun! I want you all know that i have a testimony of this gospel and that our brother and friend Jesus Christ is the head of this church. It was the same church he lead when he was on earth. the book of mormon is true. And Families are for forever.

Elder Harris

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