Monday, January 27, 2014

Cześć Rodzino!
Okay sorry again no pics, I am in an internet cafe and will try to send some after this email or next week! We are emailing later and at a different place because we just got back from Austwichiz. Wow! was that humbling. We only had time to see one of the camp, but we will go back in a couple weeks and see the second one. Really I can't really explain the experience. It really was I guess you could say awesome, but sad at the same time, but really was worth it. So sad to stand where people who died and stand and where awful people walked. They had a fireing wall and yeah I about lost it. Makes you really apprieciate life and how lucky we are to be in America. But  back to my week.  On Monday for pday we watched the movie 17 miracles. You all seen it? wow it's powerful. Really lot of you are not active mormons are really never were baptized, but that history is why you are in Utah. Why we are family or even friends. It was so amazing. What they went through leaving all they had because they believed in a little book. Just tells you how powerful that book is huh? I have a true testimony of that book it has a name, The Book of Mormon and it gave us our name. We all are truly blessed for it. I encourag you all to watch it. Tuesday we had our exchange with the zone leaders because zone leaders go with Districk leaders like i did when i was a ZL, i was with elder Caskey. And funny enough he was my first exchange when i was a zl and i was his first so thats cool. But he is a stud missionary. We sat down and planned i looked at him and said over 14 months ago a missionary named Elder Mikolyski just being in sosnowiec went to kato to be a zl like you and he found what turned out to be a baptism and a miracle and a huge blessing for all who watched it happen, he found daria. are you ready to do that. He chuckled and goes well he was an amazing missionary. I laughed and said so are you, he goes cool lets do it. first person he talks to teaches a lesson, gives a book we get HER number and later in the week i call and set up a meeting it was cooll. Bam miracle number one that day. Number 2 we were contaciting and talking about the area and i told him how i want to get the brothers activated. and he goes lets go to their house. we do not home but the mom lets us in. we talk and she is so sweet made a good impression on her so now we have texting contact with them. also patryk came to church, so thats one couple to go. and then the 3rd and final was at 840 its cold and we are almost home but we decieded to stay out till 9. at 955 we finally see someone and Caskey goes well lord blesses last second contacts. He stopped listened and took a book. Really was a humbling day. In the church we get callings that we think we cant do. Me being an old missionary, really annoying to say, but caskey being younger came into my area and taught me something new. thats life the lord qualifies who he calls. it was great. also my district meeting was about sports and tying it into missionary work and it worked it was the funnest one to teach, side note found out how to send pics! but will send them after still. Thursday had a good meeting with a less active who i was working with a year ago. he is a quiet guy but still really cool it was a fun lesson on missionary work. Then the miracle of all. We have this guy we have been meeting with who is always drunk, but promies not to be last time we met i went a little harris on him , kinda threw out some false docterine telling him that God doesnt listen when your drunk and yeah not true but luckly it made him pay attention, this is my ask for repentance. But i didnt want to be meeting with him but when he has the cutest little old mom in the world who looks like my beloved grandma rugg i cant leave her with him. everyone in her family has passed on and all her kids as well, he is all she has and he is a a little worthless right now, had an accident 4 months ago and every day since has been drunk. but elder anderson and i make him promise to not be drunk. we return the next day and its a new person not drunk can tell he is hung over and going through with drawls but he wasnt drunk, agree to live with the word of wisdom and called him sunday and didnt drink all weekend. what a blessing. i can see the gospel change his life. so that was a blessing. its such a blessing to see how strong a mothers love is. She is a saint of a women and love teaching them, and its amazing to see on this mission how much people change. i feel like i havent really but just gotten better i dont know how to put it but really this country is special and this mission means the world to me. I am lucky i have the best family in the world and the best mission. Hands down sorry to say it but its true. the church is true i love it i love you all. will send more pics but have a good week!

Elder Harris

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